Reminder! Did you know that the Shire has a number of SMS lists that you can join to be kept up to date with activities of the Shire? The Shire has a mosquito fogging list for town based residents who wish to know when fogging occurs; the Shire has a Harvest Ban/Bushfire SMS list for any resident or contractor who needs or wants to know when the Shire imposes a paddock vehicle movement ban or when there is a fire; and finally, the Shire has a Community SMS list for community interest information, such as the recent Community Strategic Planning workshops. 

If you are on Facebook: (15/5/17)

‘LIKE’ the Shire’s facebook page and that will also keep you up to date with what is happening in and around Williams. 

If you have any other ideas of how we could communicate better with our community, let us know, we would love to hear your ideas. 


The Shire has recently completed the Draft Strategic Community Plan and invited community feedback over the last two weeks. The document was circulated via email to those who attended the community workshops; was made available on the Shire’s website and news articles placed in The Williams and Facebook. Thanks to those community members who provided feedback, your input is greatly appreciated. Council will consider the feedback, together with the Draft Plan at the Council meeting on the 17th May. 

Once completed and endorsed, this document will provide invaluable input and direction into the other Integrated Planning documents, including the Corporate Business Plan (linked to the Annual Budget), the Asset Management Plan, Workforce Plan and the Long Term Financial Plan. All of these are legislative requirements of local government. 

The benefits of Integrated Planning need to be considered in light of the local government’s budget over the next 10-15 years (life of the Strategic Community Plan), together with other resources that potentially can be attracted (rates revenue, external funding, private works). Integrated Planning aims to ensure that collectively these resources are applied to prioritised investment in achieving community outcomes, whilst maintaining financial sustainability. When done well, decisions over these resources will meet the 5 A’s: as below:



The Shire has completed the DRAFT Community Strategic Plan and is now seeking feedback from the community on the document. A copy will be made available to those community members who attended the community workshops in March. A copy will also be made available on the Shire’s website and at the Shire offices in hard copy. 

The Shire welcomes feedback from the community on the Draft Plan, with comments to be provided to the office by FRIDAY 12th MAY 2017. 

Council will consider the feedback provided at their meeting on the 17th May, and will endorse the Plan subject to the feedback being included, at the same meeting. 

Feedback can be provided in writing to: OR PO Box 96 WILLIAMS WA 6391. 


At the first meeting of the Main Roads Williams Bridge Community Reference Group (CRG) held on the 5th April 2017, a number of options were presented for the proposed temporary detour of Bridge 25 over the Williams River during construction of the new bridge. 

The Shire, together with the CRG, were requested to seek community feedback on the proposed options. This was undertaken in a number of ways - a display at the Williams Gateway Expo; a householder flyer; on the Shire website and Facebook page; and a community SMS. A hardcopy of the survey was made available at the Shire offices for residents to record their votes. 

Community feedback was collected on the preferred option, with 102 votes in total recorded. 82 votes were recorded in favour of OPTION 1. (8 votes for the Brooking Street option and 12 votes for the New Street option). 

Factors that influenced this decision were: 

Þ Potential loss of income to businesses in the vicinity during the detour being in place;

Þ Damage to New Street/Brooking Street with the increased volume and weight of vehicles travelling on these local roads;

Þ No upgrade cost for New Street/Brooking Street post the detour was included in the Consultant’s cost estimates for the proposed detour;

Þ Community safety concerns during the detour being in place (residential area); and

Þ Community noise concerns during the detour being in place (residential area). 

The next meeting of the CRG is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd May, where it is understood that the Designs will be at 85% complete. The CRG is committed to representing the Shire, community, businesses and residents on this important project for Williams. Should you wish to discuss the project, please do not hesitate to contact the Shire or one of the CRG members (John Cowcher, Andrew Higham, Jim Epiro, Tracey Price, Ryan Duff or Jarrad Logie). The CRG meets monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month currently. 


The Council had a workshop on Thursday 30th March where Councillors worked through the current strategies as well as reviewing and prioritising the new strategies discussed at the Community Workshops held in early March. 

A draft document will be presented to Council at its meeting on the 19th April. It will then be available for final community input before coming back for adoption by Council at its May Meeting. 

The community is encouraged to take the opportunity to provide further comment before the document is formally adopted. Check the next edition of The Williams to see how you can get involved. 


Work has recently been undertaken to improve the pedestrian crossings on Brooking Street. Previously several crossings required a step up to cross through the flower bed. This presented a safety hazard, particularly for seniors. 

The Shire’s Works Crew removed the kerb and lowered the crossings to ground level resulting in a much safer passage from one side of the street to the other. 


Two heat pumps are in the process of being installed at the Williams Swimming Pool. For the swimmers who enjoy the water a little warmer, this is great news. Final commissioning of the heat pumps will occur when Western Power finalises its review of the power requirements for the recreation precinct. 

Now that the pool season has concluded the heat pumps will be operational leading into next season. The Shire is very appreciative of the financial support provided by the Department of Sport and Recreation and the Community Pool Revitalisation Program. 


Qualified Child Care Educator

Applications are invited for a Qualified Child Care Educator for the Willi Wag Tails Childcare Centre (Long Day Care) to provide casual relief care for children aged 0 to 6 years of age. The successful applicant must at least hold a Certificate III in Children’s Education and Care; or, at the very least, be working towards a Certificate III in Children’s Education and Care (evidence of progress will need to be supplied).

Willi Wag Tails Childcare Centre operates from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5.30pm. If you are interested please contact Geoff McKeown at the Shire Office. 


The weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of April were very busy at the Williams Sport and Recreation Grounds. 

Williams Campdraft hosted a very successful and well attended Campdraft event. Credit to the club and the countless volunteers who have worked tirelessly to establish fantastic facilities at the Campdraft grounds. A drone took an amazing photo at the start of the event on Saturday and it showcases the grounds with a bird’s eye view.

 Williams Rec Ground

Williams Tennis Club hosted their Mixed Doubles tournament and season wind-up. 9 pairs enjoyed a warm afternoon of tennis to round the season out and then enjoyed a BBQ tea. 

Williams Cricket Club hosted their season wind-up at the Sports Pavilion on Sunday afternoon.


Councillors had a workshop on Thursday 30th March where they worked through the current strategies as well as reviewing and prioritising the new strategies that were discussed at the Community Workshops held in early March.

Staff will now work towards drafting the strategies to present to Council at the April meeting. Following this, the strategies will be re-presented to the Community for their feedback and input at the end of April. 

Council is working towards the Plan being finalised and endorsed at the May meeting of Council. 


As reported in the last edition, Council sought nominations from the community for the Williams Bridge project CRG. Council was pleased to receive 12 nominations, with the following members selected: 

Cr John Cowcher, Jarrad Logie, Andrew Higham, Tracey Price, Ryan Duff and Jim Epiro. 

The CRG will meet for the first time this Wednesday at the Shire offices. It is anticipated that regular updates will be provided to the community on the progress of the project. 


The Restricted Burning Period concluded in the Shire of Williams on the 29th March 2017. As such property owners are now no longer required to obtain a permit to burn. 

However, it is still important that everyone takes care when they burn on their property. Dangerous weather conditions can still happen ahead of cold fronts and unattended fires can pose a risk. Also, the Shire often receive calls from motorists concerned about fires close to roads that appear unmanaged. Please take care with your burning activities and where possible avoid too much smoke going over the roads as it can be a hazard for motorists. Thank you. 


Residents may have noticed the High School bus has a new pick up / set down location. After many years of being at the front of the Williams Newsagency, the Shire felt it was time to move it away from businesses and directly in front of residential properties. The Shire contacted School Bus Services and discussed the issue with them and it was resolved to move the bus to the front of the RSL Hall. Children are encouraged to leave their bikes between the RSL Hall and the Shire offices where a bike rack will soon be installed. Parents picking up or dropping off their children are encouraged to park in the RSL carpark. There will be signage installed at the front of the RSL Hall for ‘no parking’ at bus times. 


Thanks to local artist in residence aka Matt the Pool Man, new murals have recently been completed on the large concrete pipe in the playground at the daycare centre. One side depicts a numbat and the other (as shown right) is a turtle. Everyone will agree that these make the play area bright and cheerful and fun for the children. The staff are now working on kids hand prints on the inside of the pipe. What a fantastic initiative. Well done all! 


Appreciation is extended to residents who have either completed the online survey; attended one of the recent community workshops; or provided input into the review of the Shire’s Community Strategic Plan. A brief report was provided to Councillors at their meeting last week on the views that have been collected to date. Council have committed to a Strategic Planning Workshop on Thursday 30th March, where they will review all information provided by the community to date (via surveys or the workshops), and prioritise a schedule of works to support the update of the Strategic Plan for the next 10 years. Following this workshop, a draft report will be presented to Council at their April meeting. 

Once Council have reviewed the proposed outputs and draft report, the report will be made available to the public for any feedback. It is proposed that this will be late April/early May. The final report is proposed to be submitted to Council in May for their endorsement. 

SHIRE SMS LIST (20/3/17)

Did you know that the Shire has a number of SMS lists that you can join to be kept up to date with activities of the Shire? The Shire has a mosquito fogging list for town based residents who wish to know when fogging occurs; the Shire has a Harvest Ban/Bushfire SMS list for any resident or contractor who need or want to know when the Shire imposes a paddock vehicle movement ban or when there is a fire; and finally, the Shire has a Community SMS list for community interest information, such as the recent Community Strategic Planning workshops. 

If you are on Facebook: ‘LIKE’ the Shire’s facebook page and that will also keep you up to date with what is happening in and around Williams. 

If you have any other ideas of how we could communicate better with our community, let us know, we would love to hear your ideas.


The Shire of Williams are working with Main Roads on the replacement of the Williams River Bridge, Coalling Creek Bridge and the upgrade of the road in between. Currently the project is in the design phase and Main Roads are seeking input from the community regarding various aspects of the project.  

Call for Nominations! If you believe you can represent a group or particular interest we are seeking expressions of interest to be involved in the Community Working Group. 

Þ Are you able to attend all Community Working Group meetings and workshops to be held as required but no more frequently than bimonthly (will be in the evening):

Þ Do you live in Williams?

Þ Are you able to represent a particular interest area or local group? e.g. business, transport industry, general community

Þ Are you a proactive community advocate? 

If you answer yes to all of the above and would like to nominate for the Community Working Group please contact Heidi Cowcher at the Shire offices by email ( to nominate. Nominations close Monday 27th March 2017. 

If you are unable to be part of the Community Working Group but would like to receive regular updates on the project, please send your details to Heidi at the Shire of Williams.


Welcome to the last 2 weeks of the swimming season swimmers of Williams. Currently the water is still holding 23 degrees and considering how cold the weather’s been it’s still pretty inviting to head in for a swim.

The last big day of the pool season was on Friday 17th March, which was the Narrogin Combined Schools Inter-School Swimming carnival, between the Williams Primary School and three other primary schools from Narrogin. This is the second year in a row we have had the pleasure of hosting. With the success of last years event all the Narrogin Schools wanted it back over here. Which is great news for us and our pool. Full credit goes to the Williams Primary School staff and parents that organize the events, timing and catering for the day. It’s a pleasure to work alongside such professional people.

‘Swim the Bite’ winds up soon and it looks like we will be in a little trouble as 180 kms are still needed to avoid the bite of Nibbles the Shark. Personal lap targets are on the main board that's located in the foyer. 3 km from each registered swimmer is all it takes. There will be a full windup of the challenge next fortnight for all.

Until next time...see you at the Pool….Matt the Pool Man


Council hosted two special visitors at the recent Council meeting, John and Marijke Tromp. It was a very special occasion for Marijke, as she was becoming an Australian Citizen. Shire President John Cowcher conducted the ceremony. Congratulations and well done from the Shire Council, Staff and community of Williams.


Fantastic to see lots of action around the Williams Sporting Clubs lately. Williams Bowling Club new synthetic green is looking superb. Well done to all the members and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to get this project up and running. The new surface will be ready to play on very soon. It is a credit to all involved.

Williams Hockey Club are currently installing new dugouts and drainage on the western side of their field. Particularly special is the Club logo that has been incorporated into the design of the wall. Fantastic effort by all involved. Looking forward to seeing the finished product in time for the playing season to commence.


The Shire of Williams was proud to host an official opening on Friday 24th February of the 7 independent living aged units and public open space. Around 30 invited guests and community members attended the function held in the public open space. Local MP ‘Tuck’ Waldron had the official duties, together with the Shire President, John Cowcher. The Shire secured a total of $2.1m of Royalties for Regions funding to deliver this project for the community of Williams, especially focused on retaining the older members of our community for as long as possible, in purpose built, dedicated homes. 


As reported last edition, the Shire hosted a DAP meeting at the Shire Chambers on Friday 24th February. The meeting was attended by the DAP committee, Caltex Representatives, Shire representatives including the Shire’s Planning Consultant Liz Bushby and community members Tim & Vicki Medlen (adjoining landowners). The minutes are available to read on the Shire’s website for interested residents. 


There has been much activity at the Williams Bowling Club over the last 6 weeks with the commencement of the installation of the new synthetic bowling green. The Shire has been working with the Club and the synthetic installation company ‘Evergreen’ to prepare the area for the installation of the new green. It is anticipated that the actual laying of the green will occur over the long weekend. Well done to all involved in bringing this much needed project to fruition for the Club. It will be great to see the first bowl bowled on it in the not too distant future.

Shaping the Future of Williams (20/2/17)
The Shire of Williams is currently reviewing its Community Strategic Plan and would like your input. This will ensure that the plan reflects the needs of the Williams Community. The Shire would like your thoughts on the current community vision for Williams. It’s also looking for your feedback on a range of strategies within the plan.

Input can be provided via an online survey, which can be accessed

A hard copy version of the survey can also be completed at the Shire office. It is a very short survey and should only take around 5 minutes to complete.

You can also provide your input by attending either of the community workshops being held on Thursday 9th March at the Williams RSL Hall. 

Day workshop will run from 11am-2pm and include a light lunch.

Evening workshop will run from 6:30pm-9:30pm and include a light supper.

Please RSVP to or 9885 1005 for catering purposes. 

We look forward to seeing as many community members as possible in attendance at one of the community workshops. We value our community’s input, as it plays an important part in shaping Council’s strategic direction over the next 5-10 years. We want to know what you see as important and what you value in our community. 


As previously advertised, the Shire has for sale a 2006 Holden Colorado Crew Cab Ute (4 x 2). It has a blown motor. Additionally, there is a PTO driven rotary hoe. Items are available for inspection by contacting the Shire Works Supervisor on 0419 941 829. 

Individuals interested in the purchase of either of these items are asked to submit an offer in writing to the CEO Geoff McKeown by Friday 3rd March 2017.

Fight the Bite (20/2/17)

With the recent heavy rainfalls, mosquitos will become more prevalent, therefore residents are encouraged to ‘Fight the Bite’, to prevent irritation and mosquito borne illness. Many mosquitos bite around dusk and dawn, but some can bite day and night. The only way to prevent mosquito-borne disease is to try to avoid being bitten in the first place. Cover up: wear long, loose-fitting, light coloured clothing, covering as much of the body as you can. Repel: use insect repellent if needed. Clean-up: Stop mosquitos breeding in water pooling around your home by emptying water from containers and areas that don’t drain. 

More information is available at


The Shire of Williams has been approached by a local sporting club wishing to lease Lot 9000 on the corner of Albany Hwy and the Narrogin Road. It would like to crop this land to raise funds for the Club. Before a decision is made on this request, the Council would like to know if there are other sporting clubs or community groups interested in the lease.

Council will award the lease based on the merits of the request. A letter outlining the Club’s interests and reasons why they wish to be considered for the lease are to be submitted to the CEO by Thursday, 10th February 2017. For more information, please contact the CEO. 

AUSTRALIA DAY 2017 (6/2/17)

Once again a very successful Australia Day breakfast was held by the Shire in the park adjacent to the Hall. See report elsewhere in the paper. Around 170 community members and visitors enjoyed a barbeque breakfast of sausages, bacon and eggs. Appreciation is extended to the Councillors for cooking the breakfast for everyone’ as well as the Staff who were involved in the organising, setting up and cleaning up.

Congratulations to Jim Epiro who was awarded the Australia Day Citizen of the Year and the community of Williams for being recognised for the Australia Day Active Citizenship (Group/Event) award for the combined community efforts in the recovery activities following the Waroona/Yarloop fires. Ray Sherry was invited as a community representative to accept this award on behalf of the community in recognition of the pivotal role he played in coordinating much of the Williams community volunteer involvement. 


The Shire is currently conducting an audit of the keys for the Shire facilities. Over the years the Shire has distributed keys to authorised key holders for sporting and community groups, however the record of these allocations does not transfer when office bearers change unfortunately. The Shire is requesting all holders of keys to contact the Shire offices and let us know what key you have (see photo).

If the location of all keys is not determined, then the locks may have to be changed.


Collaborative efforts between the Shire and the community are seeing many projects in and around town either coming to a completion or just starting. Most noticeably:

¨ 2 new aged units on New Street are almost complete. Construction is now complete as is the fencing. Landscaping and final paving is underway. An official opening of all the units and the public open space is to be held 24th February 2017.

¨ Williams Bowling Club new synthetic green: site works have commenced by the Shire for the new green. The new synthetic surface is expected to be laid over the coming weeks.

¨ Williams Swimming Pool heat pumps: the removal of the small sheds adjacent to the pump room has started. The heat pumps will be installed over the coming months, and will be operational in time for the start of the 2017/18 swimming season.


Revised plans have been lodged for redevelopment of the existing Caltex service station site. The applicant has opted to have the application determined by a Development Assessment Panel (DAP). 

Plans and reports lodged as part of the application are available for viewing at the Shire of Williams office, 9 Brooking Street, Williams or website homepage.

Written submissions should be lodged to the Shire of Williams, PO Box 96, Williams WA 6391 by the 5 January 2017.

Geoff McKeown, Chief Executive Officer


On behalf of Council and Staff, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our valued community members a happy, safe and relaxing Christmas and a prosperous year to come. 

Stay safe on the roads and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year.


The Shire Administration Office will be closed from 5pm Friday 23rd December 2016 and will re-open Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 8am.

Emergency contacts only: Geoff McKeown 0429 900 005 or Tony Kett 0419 941 829.


The Williams Pool will be hosting the Department of Education’s VacSwim Early Start Program from Saturday 17th December to Friday 23rd December (inclusive). The pool will be open in the mornings but ONLY for the lessons and not the general public. On Tuesday 20th it will ONLY be open for lessons and not the general public. At 3pm when lessons are finished, Matt may take a short break, but he will advertise it on the door of the pool and it will only be for 10-15 minutes.

Late enrolments will be taken at the Pool at 3pm on Friday 16th December.

AUSTRALIA DAY 2017 (12/12/16)

Residents are invited to join Councillors and Staff at the Annual Australia Day breakfast in the park. See ad elsewhere in the paper. The breakfast will be served from 8am and everyone is welcome.

Early Morning Swimming (28/11/16)

The Shire of Williams, together with Contract Aquatic Services, advise that early morning swimming will start MONDAY 28th NOVEMBER and will run on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 6:30am-7:30am.

Please note, the last early morning swimming for this year will be Friday 23rd December and will re-start Monday 9th January 2017.

There will be no early morning swimming on Australia Day (26th January 2017).

Aged Units: Jam Tree Lane/New Street (28/11/16)

The 2 new independent living units are anticipated to be completed by Christmas. These spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom units will be available to rent in early 2017. An official opening of all the units and the public open space will be conducted in February 2017 celebrating the completion of this stage of the project: 7 units dedicated to the well-aged members of our community, with a total government investment of over $2.1million from 2010-2017.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in renting one of the units please let Sharon Wilkie at the Shire offices know.

Office Closure (28/11/16)

Residents are advised that the Shire Administration office (including licensing) will be CLOSED as of 5pm Friday 23rd December until Monday 2nd January 2017 and will RE-OPEN for business on TUESDAY 3rd JANUARY 2017.

In case of an emergency during this time, please contact the CEO Geoff McKeown on 0429 900 005.

Volunteer Fuel Cards (28/11/16)

Bush Fire Brigade volunteers in each of the brigades will have been advised by their Captains of how to access these fuel cards. The cards can be used at the Caltex and BP Roadhouses in Williams. 

The Shire is managing cards on behalf of the following brigades: 

West Culbin




At this point, Glenfield and Narrakine are managing their own cards, so if you are a member of either of these brigades, please contact the respective Captains for more information.

Prohibited Burning (14/11/16)

Residents are once again reminded that the Prohibited Burning Season has now commenced as at the 1st November. All residents and ratepayers have been posted the Annual Fire Newsletter that has relevant fire season information. If you did not receive one, they are available at the Shire offices.

Annual Electors Meeting (14/11/16)

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Electors Meeting will be held in the Shire Council Chambers on Wednesday 16th November commencing at 6pm.

Order of Business

¨ Welcome, introduction & apologies

¨ Confirmation of Minutes

¨ Receipt of the 2015/16 Annual Report; and

¨ General Business

Copies of the Annual Report are available from the Shire Office on the Shire’s website.

DSR Community Pool Revitalisation Program funding (14/11/16)

The Shire of Williams has been successful in obtaining a grant of $32,000 for the installation of heat pumps to heat the pool from DSRs Community Pools Revitalisation Program, made possible by the Liberal National Government’s Royalties for Regions program. VERY EXCITING…. The Shire is currently seeking quotes for the installation which will hopefully be completed before Christmas.

New Emergency Website (14/11/16)

The WA State Government launched a new website recently where you can view up to date information for alerts and warnings issued throughout the state and what to do in case of an emergency. There is also useful information on how to prepare for the bushfire season as well as how to recover post an incident. Would be well worth saving the link for future reference:

Australia Day Citizen of Year (14/11/16)

Please consider nominating a worthy recipient. Details available from the Shire Office, nominations close Friday 2nd December 2016.  

Restricted Burning Season  (17/10/16)

Residents are advised that the Shire of Williams is now in the Restricted Burning Season, which means that permits are now required for all burning from now until 31st October 2016. Permits can be obtained from your brigade Fire Control officer (out of town) and from the Shire office for those residents in town. The Prohibited Burning season commences on the 1st November, unless otherwise advised. A more detailed newsletter/householder will be sent to all residents soon.

Pool opening  (17/10/16)

The Williams Pool will open for the season on Wednesday 19th October at 12noon. Season Pool passes are now available at the Shire: $185 (family); $95 (adult) and $50 (child). 

Early morning swimming will once again be offered subject to expressions of interest sought from the community. If you are interested, please contact the shire to add your name to the list. Once it warms up a little, we will negotiate a start time with Contact Aquatic Services.

Williams Aged Units in ‘Growing our South’ funding promotional video (17/10/16)

The Shire of Williams, and the 4WDL Well Aged Housing Project, was selected to feature in one of eight short videos being made to showcase some of the projects that are part of the ‘Growing our South’ funding. The housing project that Williams manages was selected for the Wheatbelt region. 

The film crew came to Williams on Thursday 13th October and interviewed resident Dave Lawrie, together with his wife Jo in their home. Dave was a wonderful spokesperson for the units and Williams and how the units have enabled them to stay in their community of choice, connected to their long time friends and family as well as stay actively involved in his beloved bowls. 

The crew also interviewed Heidi Cowcher, as Project Manager of the project (no photos tho!!). Tim Shackleton, the Chair of the Wheatbelt Development Commission, who facilitated the funding on behalf of the Department will also be interviewed. It is anticipated that the video will be completed late November and then be able to be used on the shire website and in other promotional opportunities.

Williams High Season Loan DFES truck  (17/10/16)

The Shire will once again receive a loan vehicle from DFES for the fire season, which is anticipated to arrive soon. A dedicated volunteer group based in town have offered to man it and take it out to any bushfires that occur in the Shire. 

The Shire is appreciative of the support offered by DFES in securing this loan vehicle, and hopes that a permanent allocation will be made in the not too distant future.

Restricted Burning Season extension (3/10/16) 

Residents are advised that the Shire of Williams has extended the commencement of the Restricted Burning Season from 23rd September to now commence on FRIDAY 7th OCTOBER. On commencement, and until the 31st October, permits will be required for burning during this time. The Prohibited Burning season commences on the 1st November, unless otherwise advised. A more detailed newsletter/householder will be sent to all residents soon.

 Pool opening (3/10/16) 

Swimming season is almost upon us….well, for those brave few lap swimmers anyway...some of us will wait until such as time as it warms up into something that resembles swimming weather (and not just for eskimos and penguins). The Pool will be open for business WEDNESDAY 19th OCTOBER from 12noon. Hours of operation will be advertised closer to the time. We are happy to announce that Matt Fuller will be returning as our Pool Manager for the season. 

LIWA Aquatics has received funding from Royalties for Regions and Department of Sport and Recreation to provide a water testing kit and an Inflatable Device for all regional aquatic facilities. The grant is designed to ensure that all facilities have the latest in water testing equipment and to assist Pool Managers in keeping children engaged and active at their local pool. Coming soon to our pool, will be ‘George the Inflatable’...designed for fun for all ages, ‘George’ has handles to grip on and float around the pool on. He is the cutest caterpillar, and will be a great asset to the pool toys at Williams Swimming Pool.

Welcome to the Shire’s new Environmental Health and Building Surveyor (3/10/16) 

With the recent retirement of long serving EHO/BS, Steve Friend, has seen the employment of Gordon Tester as the new EHO/BS. Gordon works between a number of local governments, and will be working in Williams every Wednesday and every alternate Monday. If you need to see him, please contact the office to make an appointment or email

Construction of new aged units (3/10/16) 

These units are coming along well, and are anticipated to be completed towards the end of this year. In early 2017 they will be available for tenancy. These bright, spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom units will no doubt be highly sought after, so make sure that if you are interested in being considered as one of the new tenants, please contact Sharon Wilkie at the Shire to make an application. Applications need to be made in writing and all persons on the waiting list will be contacted in order of applications received.

Change of Council Meeting Date (19/9/16)

Please be advised that the September Ordinary Council meeting date has been changed and will be held a week later than normal on WEDNESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2016 commencing at 1pm.

Project Numbat  (19/9/16)

Project Numbat will be at the Williams Community Market on Saturday 24th September from 8.30am to 1.30pm. All sales and donations on the day will go towards the 'Williams Community Numbat' - a large fibreglass numbat that will be feature in the Lions Park Redevelopment. 

To the community of Williams: ‘Thank you for your contributions to date. We are pleased to report that almost $6,000 has been raised through the purchase of Numbat merchandise at the Williams Expo and markets, donations collected at Coles in Narrogin and a contribution made by Project Numbat’. 

Please help us continue to raise funds for this iconic Numbat.  We are seeking community champions for ideas and support on how we can locally fundraise together. Fundraising can be achieved in many ways, either as an individual or part of a group or organisation:

¨ by hosting an event or celebration, such as a birthday, anniversary, BBQ, quiz, dinner, cocktail party, theatre night where donations are collected from your guests!

¨ by creating a challenge such as a hike or bike ride and seeking sponsorship.

If you are interested please visit us at the markets in September or visit our website for more information on this project

Williams Sporting Champions  (19/9/16)

What a town of sporting champions Williams is!! Congratulations and well done to the following teams who achieved Grand Final wins recently:

U/12 netball girls (coached by Sara Duff) who won their season in Narrogin at the end of August; Williams Junior Hockey team (primary school competition) who won their season (coached by Tischa Forman) with a Grand Final win in Narrogin in early September;

Williams Cats Football Reserves team who won the UGSFL Grand Final held in Wickepin on 11th September;

Williams Cats Football League team who won the UGSFL Grand Final held in Wickepin on 11th September

Commiserations to the Williams A Grade Hockey and Williams A1 Netball teams who played in their respective Grand Finals at the weekend, but unfortunately were beaten by very narrow margins. Fantastic effort to make the Grand Final and the community is proud of you and your season’s achievements. Well done!!

Williams Monthly Markets  (19/9/16)

The Williams Community Markets are held on the last Saturday of the month behind the Bush Brothers Op Shop from 9am-1pm. Please support this community event.

Change of Council Meeting Date (5/9/16)

Please be advised that the September Ordinary Council meeting date has been changed and will be held a week later than normal on WEDNESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2016 commencing at 1pm. 

Funding Opportunity for the Hotham-Williams (5/9/16)

PHCC is pleased to announce that funding is available through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program to protect and maintain the Eucalypt Woodlands of Western Australian Wheatbelt, a National Threatened Ecological Community (TEC), within the Peel-Harvey Region. Funding is available to support farmers, landowners and councils to undertake on-ground works within the Hotham-Williams sub-catchment. Priority will be given to private landholdings for projects that protect and maintain Eucalyptus Woodlands through:

¨ Access control (eg: fencing)

¨ Weed control

¨ Feral animal control (eg: baits)

¨ Restoration

Applications are due 28th October. For information or to discuss eligibility, please contact Mel Durack on 0455 166 780 (Wednesday or Thursday’s only) or email 

Environmental Health-Building Surveyor (5/9/16)

The Shire of Williams has farewelled Steve Friend with his retirement after 18 years of service to the Shire. He finished on Wednesday 31st August. Staff and Council have wished him well with his retirement, and his future endeavours. His commitment and contribution to the Shire is very much appreciated.

Steve’s replacement will be Gordon Tester who commences work in the week starting Monday 19th September 2016. 

Community Resources Centre (5/9/16)

The Shire is pleased with a recent Media Release announcing funding secured for CRCs.

Delivery of essential services, information and activities to regional and remote communities will continue, thanks to a $56 million Liberal National Government Royalties for Regions investment in the Western Australian Community Resource Network (WACRN).

Consisting of 106 Community Resource Centres (CRCs), the WACRN provides a physical community hub for the delivery of government services and information, as well as community development activities to about 50,000 people each month in regional and remote areas. 

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the availability of services through CRCs had a significant impact for those in regional locations and the State Government's continued investment would see the ongoing stability and security of these centres.

"These CRCs employ up to 450 people, and more than 1,700 people are engaged in voluntary roles helping in the management and day to day operations.

 "Through the Royalties for Regions $56 million investment, operation and expansion of these community hubs will continue and contribute to further developing the social fabric and quality of life for people living in regional and remote communities."

Sporting and Community Groups (22/8/16)

Just a quick reminder to all the local sporting and community groups. If you have recently had an AGM or proposing to have one in the near future, the Shire would like to get the details of your new office bearers. This is important as it helps us give out accurate information. Let us know with an email or a phone call. Our contact details are below.

Deep Fryers (22/8/16) 

The Shire has had three deep fryers in its storeroom for around the last 8-10 years. If you know the history of their ownership, or they are yours, please let us know. If no information is forthcoming, then they will be relocated to the rubbish tip. 

Shire Cat Traps Missing (22/8/16) 

The Shire is missing two of its cat traps. Does anyone in the community know their whereabouts? Perhaps you have borrowed one and not returned it? Please let the Shire know if you have one or know where they are. 

Thanks in anticipation. 

First Electric Car Visit (22/8/16)

The Shire had a visit from an electric car this week, a Nissan LEAF. Jeff Johnson, a retired engineer, is very passionate about the environment and the future of electric cars and enjoys travelling around as an advocate of electric vehicles. These cars have a range of approximately 120km before they need charging, and can be charged at a ‘normal’ power point (which takes around 5 hours) or a special designed charging system which can charge in considerably less time.

On his journey, Jeff is also hoping to raise awareness for the Newborn Emergency Transport Service (NETS).

More information on electric vehicles can be found on the Australian Electric Vehicle Association website: 

Williams Tennis Club and Williams Hockey Club (8/8/16)

Congratulations to the Tennis and Hockey Clubs! The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (Federal) has advised that their funding request has been approved. The Stronger Communities Program is funding $5,000 towards a joint project that includes the installation of a garden shed, café blinds and an improved fence around the children’s playground. Also included in the project are new chairs and patio heaters. It’s great to have the Clubs working together on this project that will benefit their players and spectators. 

The Williams Shopping Bag is Back (8/8/16)

The iconic and popular Williams Shopping Bag has made a return. Not only does it help to reduce plastic bags going to landfill, the bags promote our town. At this stage they will be available for sale at the Shire Office for $1 plus GST. 

Local Government Golf Day (8/8/16)

Last month we told you about the Shire of Williams hosting an inter-local government golf tournament in late August. The Williams Golf Club has come on board to help run the event over two days on the 25th & 26th August. 

Over 100 golfers will compete on the Friday in the main competition event. Along with 80 golfers playing the Sponsor’s Day on the Thursday, it will be a significant event for our community. 

Accommodation in and around Williams has been booked for the two days and buses will be busy ferrying everyone back and forth. 

Last year, the Shire of Williams team, comprising Ryan Duff, Tony Kett, Michael Gillett and Roger Gillett, won the tournament that was held in Bruce Rock. They will be hoping to retain their title. 

Symphony in the Shed (8/8/16)

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved with the Symphony in the Shed event held last weekend. A small but enthusiastic committee brought this project to fruition and our thanks go to them for all their hard work.

What a wonderful event for Williams. Not only was the performance on Saturday night such a success, but the other activities involving the schools and our local talented juniors was very well received.

The Shire would like to thank everyone involved, with a special mention to Sharon and her staff at the CRC, the Higham Family for offering their shearing shed as the venue and the South Side Symphony Orchestra for bringing their talent and enthusiasm to our town. 

Early Childhood Teacher Needed (8/8/16)

The Willi Wag Tails Childcare Centre is seeking the services of a qualified early Childhood Teacher to provide guidance and advice to the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator on educational programming at the Centre.

The position involves minimal hours and would preferably be in a voluntary capacity, however suitable pay and conditions can be negotiated. If you are interested please contact the Shire CEO, Geoff McKeown. 

Waste Transfer Station (25/7/16)

Over the last few months work has been progressing on the construction of a waste transfer station at the Williams Refuse Site.

The final touches to this project were completed last week. 

The Williams Shire has joined with neighbouring local governments to develop a regional approach to waste management with the plan to eventually take putrescible waste to a regional site. 

When our transfer station is commissioned, less waste will be deposited in our landfill area.

Building Permits (25/7/16)

Property owners are reminded that it is important to ensure that an application is lodged with the Shire before certain building work commences. If you are constructing a dwelling or making an alteration to an existing dwelling you need to contact the Shire and apply for a building permit. The construction of sheds can sometimes require a permit, depending on your location. Again, it’s best to give the Shire Office a call to make sure you are complying with the requirements.

Building in Bushfire Prone Areas (25/7/16)

The State Government introduced a number of new bushfire requirements as part of planning reforms in December 2015. As part of these reforms there is online mapping which identifies all land in bushfire prone areas for the whole of Western Australia – available on

If your property is within a bushfire prone area you will need to check whether you will be required to include a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment with your planning or building application. You will need to engage an appropriately qualified person to undertake a BAL assessment on your behalf.

A BAL determines a proposed building’s potential for bushfire exposure and is used to establish the construction requirements you can use to improve the protection of your dwelling from bushfire attack.

More information on these new requirements is available from the Shire Office.

Williams Bowling Club (11/7/16)

Congratulations to the Williams Bowling Club! Official advice was received from Rick Wilson’s Office that the funding request has been confirmed formally by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (Federal). The Stronger Communities Program is funding the project to the value of $15,000. The balance of the costs are currently being determined, with a cash contribution from the Williams Bowling Club confirmed, but the remaining funds still to be determined.

The Bowling Club is hopeful that the new 7 rink Synthetic Green will be installed in time for the commencement of the 2016/17 playing season.

LGIS Inter-Municipal Golf Tournament (11/7/16)

The Shire of Williams, together with local government insurer LGIS, will be hosting an inter-local government golf tournament in Williams in August. Last year, the Shire of Williams team, comprising Ryan Duff, Tony Kett, Michael Gillett and Roger Gillett, won the tournament that was held in Bruce Rock. 

Winning the tournament gives the winning Shire (and therefore Golf Club) the opportunity to host the event. The Williams team was very excited to win the tournament last year, and is proud to have the opportunity to defend their title again in 2016. 

The tournament is held over 2 days, with the first day a Sponsors Scroungers 2 person-ambrose event, and the second day being the LGIS sponsored teams event. 

Williams is excited to be hosting this event, especially with the possibility of 100-150 golfers coming to town bringing with it opportunities for local businesses e.g. accommodation and eating places to benefit. The Shire also wishes to thank the Williams Golf Club for agreeing to hold the event.

Williams River Bridge (27/6/16)

On Monday, 20th June the Shire’s Works Crew breached the weir at the Williams River Bridge. This work was undertaken at the request of Main Roads as it has urgent repair work to complete under the Bridge. The water level at the Bridge needed to be lowered to allow this work to proceed. The Shire is actively lobbying the State Government to build a new Bridge as its replacement has been identified for a number of years.

Shire Fees & Charges (27/6/16)

At a Special Meeting of Council held on the 15th June 2016 new Shire Fees and Charges were adopted to apply from the 30th June 2016. A full list of Fees and Charges is available for viewing on the Shire’s website

Well Aged Housing Project (27/6/16)

Construction work has commenced on the two independent living seniors housing units on New Street/Jam Tree Lane. These 3 bedroom/2 bathroom units will complement the existing five units on Jam Tree Lane. The project is funded through the Royalties for Regions Program and our appreciation is extended to the State
Government for this important investment. The Williams Shire, together with other local governments in this region, identified aged housing as important for their communities. Over the life of this project 45 units will be built across the seven local governments.

Community Pool Revitalisation Program (27/6/16)

The swimming pool recently had an upgrade with the installation of solar panels.  Solar power generation will held to reduce the electricity cost associated with running the pool. The Shire has taken the opportunity to
install sufficient panels to generate enough power to run a heat pump. An application to the DSR’s Community Pool Revitalisation Program next financial year will focus on installation of a heat pump to increase the water
temperature. If we are successful and the project proceeds, we’re sure the community will enjoy a water
temperature a few degrees warmer.

Community Survey  (13/6/16)

In the coming weeks the Shire will be inviting everyone to participate in a survey to help it gauge its progress on meeting the community’s aspirations, as contained in the Strategic Community Plan.  It will also be a good time to let the Shire know if it is meeting your expectations and where improvements can be made. 

More information will be made available in the near future on how you can participate.  The more people who complete the survey, the better the information will be to chart the future of the Shire of Williams.

Special Council Meeting (13/6/16)

Please be advised that a Special Meeting of Council will be held in the Council Chambers at 10.30am on Wednesday, 15th June 2016.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider fees and charges, salary and wage reviews and the capital works program for inclusion in the 2016/2017 Budget.  The Budget will be formally adopted at the scheduled Council Meeting on the 20th July 2016.

Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance (HWEDA) (13/6/16)

HWEDA continues to meet on a regular basis with the three Shires of Wandering, Williams and Boddington joining together to promote our region under the ‘Marradong Country’ brand. 

A special event will be held on the 20th June 2016 with the official launch of ‘Our Plan to Develop the Hotham Williams Regional Economy’ an Economic Development Implementation Plan for the Hotham Williams Region.  We are fortunate to have Tuck Waldron MLA attending on the day to receive the document on behalf of the State Government. 

The challenge now for HWEDA is to implement the actions and projects contained in this important document.

Caltex Service Station Redevelopment (13/6/16)

A development application has been received for the redevelopment of the Caltex Service Station on Albany Highway.  Detailed planning documents were made available on the Shire’s website coinciding with a public consultation process.  Property owners adjacent to the Caltex site were written to and invited to comment. 

The application will be determined by a Development Assessment Panel which consists of two Shire of Williams Elected Members.  The other members of the Panel are appointed by the State Government and have specialist planning expertise. 

On the next page is a plan of the proposed redevelopment.  The redevelopment proposes the removal of the majority of the current infrastructure and replace it with upgraded facilities and services.

The Shire’s Planning Consultant will prepare a Report to the Development Assessment Panel containing all the information necessary for it to make a determination.  The Report will contain detail of the public submissions received along with issues that Council wishes to bring to the Panel’s notice.  The application will not progress to the Panel until all information is received and the consultation process concludes. 

If you would like more information please go back to our homepage.

Council Corner (30/5/16)

A summary of the recent May Council meeting decisions follows. If you are interested in reading any more in detail, please refer to the Shire’s website that includes copies of the full minutes. 

¨ Aged Housing Project: Two new aged persons units are
being built on corner of New Street and Jam Tree Lane.
Construction has commenced and is expected to take around 6 months. The Shire is appreciative of the funding secured from the Royalties for Regions Southern Investment

¨ Mosquito Control: A detailed comprehensive report on mosquito control measures was provided to Council by the EHO. The Department of Health recently provided the latest information on control options. Council welcomes community input into the current control measures that involve fogging at appropriate times.

¨ Refuse Site Upgrade: If you’ve been to the Refuse site recently you would have noticed some
construction work. This project involves the building of a transfer station. Its purpose is to prepare the Shire for the day when waste is transported to a regional facility and our local site only manages recyclable items and other waste types that cannot be disposed of elsewhere ie asbestos. Council has agreed to establish a reserve fund to quarantine funds for a further waste facility development.

¨ International Hockey Match: Council agreed to support the Upper Great Southern Hockey
Association with a donation of $500 to assist with the costs associated with hosting the two
Kookaburra’s  (Australia) vs Great Britain hockey matches held in Narrogin on the 21st and 22nd May.

¨ Caltex redevelopment: A development application has been received for the redevelopment of the Caltex Service Station on Albany Highway. More detailed planning documents will be made
available on the Shire’s website shortly and coincide with public consultation. The application will be
determined by a Development Assessment Panel, which includes two Shire
Elected member representatives.


With funding secured from the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Community Pools Revitalisation Scheme, the Shire has engaged the services of Sunwise Electrics to install solar power at the Pool. The solar panels were installed last week. This is a great
opportunity for increased cost savings with the generation of solar power to the pool, buildings and facilities. 


Town residents are encouraged to be extra vigilant when reversing out of driveways. A recent incident occurred where two small children, one on a bike and one running alongside, were almost run over by a reversing vehicle. This was a very distressing experience for the driver of the vehicle involved and also the parent of the children. With the network of paths throughout town, comes an increased usage of pathways by families, parents, children and
seniors to get to school, daycare, the shops, homes and sporting facilities. Please be extra, extra careful when reversing.

Stronger Communities Program (13/5/16)

Some very good news was received recently with confirmation that the Shire of Williams has been successful with two projects submitted to the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Program.  The Shire facilitated two applications which will both receive funding in the next financial year.

The Williams Bowling Club has been allocated $15,000 towards its project to replace one existing 7 rink grass green with a 7 rink synthetic surface.  It is hoped that these funds will be combined with other funding sources to complete the project, which has a total budget of $202,858.

The Shire of Williams has applied to the Wheatbelt Development Commissions Regional Grant Scheme for funding, however this is still being assessed and we will not know the outcome for a couple of months yet. 

The other successful project was submitted on behalf of the Williams Tennis Club in conjunction with the Williams Hockey Club.  This project will receive funding to install café blinds around the patio area of the clubhouse to enable the use of the area when the weather is inclement, the purchase of 40 all-weather stackable outdoor chairs, purchase of two patio heaters, installation of a garden storage shed with concrete floor and the installation of a secure fence around the children’s playground.  The Club will receive $5,000 towards a total cost expected to be $10,814. 

The Federal Member for O’Connor, Rick Wilson MP, was in Williams this week and the Shire President, John Cowcher, extended his thanks to the Federal Government on behalf of the Williams community.

Theft of Water Fountain (13/5/16)

On a sad note it is disappointing to report that the recently installed water fountain at the Williams Tennis Club was stolen.  We’re not sure exactly when it was removed, but it was likely to be after mid April.  If anyone witnessed someone removing the water fountain, please let the Shire know.  It would have taken a fair effort with a disconnection to the mains water and waste pipe, as well as cutting bolts attached to the concrete floor.

Council Update (29/4/16)

It’s important the community knows what’s happening at their Council.  The following are a few matters that came from the March and April Meetings: 

¨ A tender has been awarded to Tradesman Homes for the construction of two new Independent Aged Persons Units.  The sand pad has been installed on New Street and building will commence shortly  These 3 bedroom x 2 bathroom units will complement the five units recently constructed on Jam Tree Lane.

¨ The Shire has adopted a customer service charter that it would like to encourage businesses to take up.  It’s a simple one page document that demonstrates commitment to customer service by employees.

¨ A couple of important documents were endorsed recently that will chart the future of the Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance.  This grouping links the communities of Williams, Boddington and Wandering and the recently adopted Economic Development Implementation Plan and Strategic Plan provide the necessary direction that can deliver benefits to these communities.

¨ The Williams Bowling Club was recently unsuccessful with its application from the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund to assist with the costs to convert one grass green to a synthetic surface.  The Shire is actively looking at other funding opportunities and will continue to work with the Club to achieve this outcome.

¨ The Shire has agreed to contribute to the cost of distributing brochures that promote Marradong Country (the sub-region of Williams, Wandering and Boddington).  A decision to fund a new brochure, when the current stocks run out, will be made at the time and is subject to the Shire of Williams having input into its design and contents.

¨ The Elected Members recently participated in an inspection of the Shire road network.  It provided an opportunity to view recently completed works and consider projects to include on next year’s programme.

Dryandra Country Art, Food and Wine Trail (29/4/16)

This self-drive trail is designed for you to visit venues displaying and selling art, food and wine in the towns of Wickepin, Cuballing, Narrogin, Pingelly, Popanyinning and Williams. You choose your route and time and make the weekend your own. Williams venues include: Plum Tree & Ivy, Rustik Rainbow, Biodynamic & Organic Farm Shop and Café (Newton-Wordsworth’s), Williams Woolshed and Tromp Studios. Brochures available online at

Contact Details for more information:

ARtS Narrogin 0448 490409


Williams Playgroup Official Garden Opening (18/4/16) 

Shire Staff recently attended the Official opening of the Williams Playgroup newly completed, revamped outdoor garden area at the back of the Art & Craft Centre. The Playgroup committee were successful with funding from Newmont totalling $4,065 for their project ‘More than Sand and Grass’. The aim was to create an functional outdoor nature based play space and learning area to support early childhood well being and education by building effective learning environments. The area was transformed from a bare outdoor area to one with seating for parents, a new bike path, waterwise gardens, climbing logs and stepping stones. Well done to Kelly Ford, Tracey Price and all involved in bringing the project to fruition. Thanks to Newmont Boddington Gold for their support.

Building & Health: Steve Friend (18/4/16) 

Steve has recently changed his working days for Williams. He now attends Williams EVERY Wednesday and every alternate Monday. His next Monday will be 9th May. It is best to contact the Shire offices to confirm he will be here before visiting. His contact details remain the same - Ph 0447 772 717 or email

New Australian Citizen (18/4/16) 

Our local Pharmacist, Demetry Ghaly was officially made an Australian Citizen at a ceremony held at the Council offices on Friday 15th April. Demetry was welcomed as an Australian Citizen by the Shire President John Cowcher. Demetry and his wife Cecil together with son Michael were accompanied by friends who celebrated this much anticipated milestone with Demetry.

DSR: Community Sporting Club Equipment Subsidy Scheme (18/4/16) 

DSR recently announced a new round of this successful funding program that provides valuable assistance to local sporting clubs to increase and upgrade shared sporting equipment for club members. Sporting clubs who have previously received this funding, can apply again (previously this was not the case). $500 is available to clubs in a simple, on-line application. Clubs need to be incorporated and have an ABN. For more information visit: Or contact Heidi Cowcher at the Shire offices.

Restricted Burning Period Concludes (4/4/16)

The Restricted Burning Period concluded in the Shire of Williams on the 29th March 2016. As such property owners are no longer required to obtain a permit to burn. 

However, it is still important that everyone takes care when they burn on their property. Dangerous weather conditions can still happen ahead of cold fronts and unattended fires pose a risk. Also, the Shire often received calls from motorists concerned about fires close to roads that appear unmanaged. 

Please take care with your burning activities and where possible avoid too much smoke going over the roads as it can be a hazard for motorists. Thank you.

Pool Closure (4/4/16) 

The Williams Pool will be closing for the season on Monday 4th April 2016. Appreciation is extended to Pool Manager Matt Fuller from Contract Aquatic Services for the fantastic job he has done for the pool this season. We look forward to seeing him at the start of next swimming season and wish him well with his off-season adventures. 

Special thanks also to Mat Mildwaters (Owner & Director) of Contract Aquatic Services for his commitment and dedication to providing an above average level of service to the Shire of Williams and the Williams Swimming Pool. 

Watch out for some exciting new opportunities & initiatives in season 2016/17.

Sport & Recreation Ground Bookings (4/4/16) 

Sporting Clubs are reminded to please ensure that they advise the Shire of their training times and fixtures for the season for all Shire owned and managed facilities so that they can be recorded in the Shire bookings book. This information is important so facilities are not ‘double-booked’, as well as to ensure that they are prepared, cleaned and managed as they need to be for use.
Your co-operation is appreciated.

Road Inspection (4/4/16) 

Councillors and Staff will be conducting a road inspection of the road network throughout the Shire on Tuesday 12th April. This will assist with the programming of a works as part of the 2016/17 Budget deliberations that commence in May.

Thanks to those residents who have already highlighted roads of concern, these have been included in the planned itinerary.

Donation of Fast Attack Fire Fighter: South32 (8/3/16)  

On Tuesday 23rd February the Shire of Williams, on behalf of the Quindanning/Boraning Bushfire Brigade, took delivery of a donated ex-South32 mine fire tender. The unit was surplus to requirements for the mine and was offered to the Quindanning/Boraning BFB due to their proximity to the mine and the support that the community of Quindanning offers in times of need. 

At the handover at the Quindanning Hall was Heath Westaway (South32); David Carter (DCBFCO Shire of Williams); Geoff McKeown (CBFCO Shire of Williams); Greg Cavanagh (Quindanning/Boraning Bush Fire Brigade) and Dee McBride (South32). The unit will be used in the Shire’s Bush Fire Brigade network to respond to fire emergencies. The Shire of Williams extends its appreciation to South32 for this generous donation.

Reminder: Restricted Burning Period (8/3/16) 

Residents of the Shire of Williams are advised that we have moved from the Prohibited to the Restricted Burning Period. 

This means that you will be permitted to burn on your property as long as you have a burning permit, and subject to the conditions contained on that permit. Please contact your local Fire Control Officer to obtain a burning permit. 

If the Fire Danger Rating for the Shire, as broadcast by the Bureau of Meteorology, is “Very High” or above please be aware that your permit is automatically cancelled. 

Also, landowners are required to ensure that fires are fully extinguished by the closing date on the permit. Thank you.

Dog Registrations (8/3/16) 

REMINDER….The Shire has had a number of dogs roaming around and ending up in the pound, and this can be a costly exercise if they are not registered. Dog Registrations are due for renewal by the 1st November each year. Please ensure that your beloved family pets or hard working farm dogs are registered with the Shire. Dogs are required to be registered with the local authority, and it certainly makes it easier to return lost dogs if they happen to go missing, run away or simply escape!

Facebook Page (8/3/16) 

The Shire of Williams now has a Facebook page. The page will be used to get information out to the community and increase our exposure to all within the Shire and beyond. The page will also be used in the event of an emergency or severe fire to keep people informed on what is going on.

So like us on facebook today!

Williams Lions Park (22/2/16) 

The Final Masterplan for the future redevelopment of the Williams Lions Park was presented to Council for endorsement at its meeting last week. The Plan has taken into consideration the feedback received from the community and stakeholders during the engagement period. The Plan can be implemented in stages, but as previously indicated, is reliant primarily on Main Roads confirming their time frame for the replacement of the traffic bridge adjacent to the Park. At this stage this is unconfirmed. 

Council endorsed the plan at its meeting, however no plans have been made to commence the project. The Shire will actively source funding to assist with the implementation when the time comes. 

Plans are available in hard copy at the Shire office, or can be emailed on request.  

Tenders for Aged Units (22/2/16) 

The Shire has secured funding to construct an additional 2 independent living units at Jam Tree Lane. Council has been working with an architect to draft plans for the new units, which will be 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Tenders for the construction of the units opened Wednesday 17th February and close Wednesday 9th March. Council will consider the tenders at the March meeting. It is anticipated that site works will commence before the end of March.


Kidsport: Enabling WA children to participate in community sport and recreation (22/2/16) 

The Shire has received funding from the Department of Sport and Recreation to assist eligible children aged 5-18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees. The fees for club membership go directly from the Shire to the Club registered with Kidsport.


To be eligible, applicants must have a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card or can be referred by a recognised referral agent (eg: school). Referral agents need to have knowledge of the family’s financial situation. Applications are made to the local government where the child lives.


Funding of up to $200 per calendar year, per child is available. It is only for current sporting playing season and is not paid retrospectively.


For more information, please contact the Shire, or the website below: 

Community Pool Revitalisation Grant: Solar Power (22/2/16)

The Shire has recently received $32,000 from the Department of Sport and Recreation’s Community Pool Revitalisation Scheme to install solar power at the pool. This will result in considerable savings for the Shire for power at the facility. The Shire is currently seeking quotes from suppliers, with installation anticipated over the coming months.


Shire Staffing Changes (8/2/16)

Willi Wag Tails welcomed a new full-time, permanent Childcare Coordinator earlier this month when Uroosa Ali commenced work at the Centre. Uroosa comes to Williams from Narrogin and will no doubt be a valuable member of the team caring for the little people of our community. Welcome Uroosa!

As residents may be aware, the previous Coordinator Suzyo Kafwariman went on maternity leave last year, and has now decided not to return to work at the Centre. Appreciation is extended to Suzyo for all that she did for the Centre during her tenure. Britt Logie stepped into the role as an Acting Coordinator, however it was never her intention to take on this role in a permanent capacity. Britt did a fantastic job in the 6 months that she was the Coordinator and appreciation is extended to her for undertaking this role. Britt has now returned to her part-time role as an Educator and will continue to work at the Centre on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Hazel Harris who worked at the Shire Office as an Administration Officer on Mondays and Fridays is now working these hours at the Williams Community Resource Centre. This has resulted in Manuela Lenehan moving her hours at the Resource Centre back to the Shire Office and Britt Logie commencing work at the Shire Office as Administration Officer on Fridays.

2016 Premier’s Active Citizen of the Year (8/2/16)

At the Australia Day breakfast, Shire President John Cowcher awarded KAYE GILBERT the 2016 Premier’s Active Citizen of the Year. See elsewhere in the paper for the citation that summarises her contributions to the community of Williams over many years. Kaye is a worthy winner of this award. 

The Shire also recognised the Williams Bush Fire Brigades as a significant group of volunteers who contribute to making our community a safe place in defending against the threat of bush fires. The combined Williams Bushfire brigades (made up of the volunteers from Boraning/Quindanning, Congelin, Glenfield, Narrakine, Tarwonga and West Culbin brigades), contribute countless hours responding to and managing bushfires and ensuring that these are extinguished as quickly as possible. The 2015 season was particularly challenging, starting with summer storms followed by the significant Lower Hotham Fire that was quite extensive and relied heavily on our volunteers’ time and resources. The brigades were ably led by Chief Bushfire Control Officer Brian Liddelow and Deputy Chief Bushfire Control Officer Ross Major. Both have now stepped down from their respective roles, but their significant contributions are appreciated and were recognised at the Australia Day breakfast.

Storm damage to Williams road network (8/2/16)

Parts of the Williams Shire were impacted by the severe weather event that occurred between the 18th and 20th January 2016. The Works Crew have assessed the damage and estimated the cost of repairs.  The Shire has made application to be included on the list of local governments eligible to receive natural disaster and recovery assistance.  Whilst this process is being undertaken there will be a period where reinstatement works are delayed pending approval of our claim.  We trust residents will be understanding, as it may take some time to get to all areas.  If you are aware of any dangerous road conditions please let us know by contacting the Shire Office.

New CEO: Geoff McKeown (14/12/15)

The Shire of Williams new CEO Geoff McKeown commenced work on Monday 7th December. Geoff has had a long career in country local government, most recently as CEO of the Shire of Narrogin. 

Geoff and his wife Cath have four adult children and recently welcomed their first grandchild.  Geoff’s interests primarily involved the children's activities when they were younger but as they have all moved from home he has more time now for community participation. 

Geoff and Cath have a small property on the Williams side of Narrogin, where Cath enjoys working with her horses, between stints helping out to look after her granddaughter. 

Geoff is keen to involve himself in the Williams community and add his support to the various projects that the Shire is managing.  This part of the role as CEO is particular rewarding as it builds on the strength and resilience that is found in country communities such as Williams. 

If you would like to contact Geoff at any time please call into the Shire Office.

Office Closure: Reminder (14/12/15)

The Shire Administration Office will be closed from 3pm Thursday 24th December 2015 and will re-open Monday 4th January 2016 at 8am.

Emergency contacts only: Geoff McKeown 0429 900 005 or Tony Kett 0419 941 829.

 Refuse Site Opening Hours

Saturday 26th December CLOSED Sunday 27th December 9am-12noon

All other tip days will be as normal: Wednesday’s, Saturday’s & Sunday’s from 9am-3pm.

 Swimming Pool Opening Hours

Thursday 24th, Friday 25th & Saturday 26th December CLOSED

Sunday 27th December OPEN 12noon-7pm

All other days will be as normal.

Merry Christmas (14/12/15)

On behalf of Council and Staff, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our valued community members a happy, safe and relaxing Christmas and a prosperous year to come. 

Stay safe on the roads and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year. 

Illegal Dumping (30/11/15)

The Shire has had reports of illegal dumping of what appears to be a recently demolished house at a rest area near Extracts Road. If residents notice any unusual activity, they are asked to report it to the Shire or Police. It is an offence to dump rubbish in a public place.

Williams Lions Park: Community Briefing: THANK YOU (30/11/15)

Thank you to those residents who attended the Williams Lions Park Community Briefing session on the 18th November. 35 residents came and provided excellent feedback on the project to the consultants (UDLA) and the Shire staff and councillors in attendance. This feedback has now been collated and forwarded to UDLA for their consideration as they complete the concept plan. The concept plans are on display in the Shire office and also the Community Resource Centre. Community feedback is invited.

Once the final report has been prepared, Council will use this to source funding for the implementation of the project. Community input will continue to be encouraged and invited throughout the process.

Office Closure (30/11/15)

The Shire Administration Office will be closed from 3pm Thursday 24th December 2015 and will re-open Monday 4th January 2016 at 8am. Refuse Site and Swimming Pool opening hours during the festive season details are published separately in the paper. Please refer for more details.

New CEO: Geoff McKeown (30/11/15)

The Shire of Williams new CEO Geoff McKeown starts at the Shire on Monday 7th December 2015. Geoff and his wife Cath are warmly welcomed to the community.

Appreciation is extended to Cara Ryan who has been Acting CEO in the duration between Ryan finishing and Geoff commencing. 

Council Elections (21/9/15)

 Nominations for Council closed on the 10th September 2015

 Five nominations were received for five positions with the following Councillors declared elected unopposed for a term of 4 years;

 John Cowcher

Greg Cavanagh

Natalie Major

Moya Carne

Gilbert Medlen

 Annual Electors Meeting (21/9/15) 

The Annual General Meeting of Electors will be held in the Council Chambers at 6.00pm on Wednesday 21st October 2015.


Confirmation of Minutes

Receipt of Annual Report

Receipt of Auditors Report

Receipt of Presidents Report

 Other business as agreed to by the President or a majority of electors.

 Copies of the Annual Report are available from the Council Office. 

Fire Breaks (21/9/15) 

All owners or occupiers of land within the Shire of Williams shall have firebreaks from the 5th November to the 12th April of the dimensions prescribed in the Shire of Williams local law. Now is the time to start to reduce the fuel load on your small blocks around town by either spraying, mowing or grazing. Contact the Shire office to get your block sprayed or mowed. 


Facebook Page (21/9/15)

The Shire of Williams now has a Facebook page. The page will be used to get information out to the community and increase our exposure to all demographics within the Shire and beyond. The page will also be used in the event of an emergency or severe fire to keep people informed on what is going on. 

Shire of Williams 2015-16 Budget (10/8/15)

 The 2015/2016 budget has been compiled based on the principles contained in the Strategic Community Plan and the Corporate Business Plan.

 The budget has been prepared with a 5% increase to the rate in the dollar for all UV and GRV properties, which is slightly higher than the original forward financial plans contained in the Corporate Business Plan. Properties rated on a Gross Rental Valuation basis, particularly Commercial premises will have a greater increase in rates this year due to a revaluation carried out by the Valuer General’s Office. Rates will raise $1,556,539.

Rates Capping

There is currently discussion in the media about the Premier of Western Australia wanting to cap Council rates to CPI. This statement has led to an outcry at the hypocrisy around increases in local government rates, when considered against the 2015 State Government’s own increases across a wide range of fees and charges including to the emergency services levy (10.6% increase), street lighting (7.5% increase) and water charges (6% increase).

 This is on top of the 600% increase to local government borrowing charges announced in the State Budget this year, costing an additional $4 million across the local government sector.

 The Shire of Williams average rate increase since 2000 has been 3.46% with the Perth CPI averaging 3.16% over the same period, including increases of 5% over the last two financial years which have been required tin increase Council’s rates base. 


Men’s Shed Deputation (27/7/15)

 The Council received a deputation from the newly formed Williams Men’s Shed. The men are now looking for a premise to house their group.  They have looked and researched other Men's Sheds within the Wheatbelt and all of the sheds visited have had assistance from their local Council, whether it be sourcing the land/building or funding.  The Men's Sheds that were visited varied in size, use and members.  “The Men's Shed is whatever the members want to make it”.  The men are looking for a location that has good accessibility, can house a 20m x 10m shed and most importantly centrally located in town.

 The men are seeking assistance from Council to source land, premises and to provide assistance to source funding.

 Solar Power Installation to the Swimming Pool (27/7/15)

 In 2014 the Department of Sport and Recreation launched a new funding program granting up to $30,000 to swimming pools to assist regional local governments with the cost of maintaining and upgrading an aquatic centre. The 2014/15 funding was allocated to general maintenance at the Williams Swimming Pool.

 Council is eligible to once again apply for this funding of $30,000 for the 2015/16 season, with applications expected to open shortly. A suggestion was made that the funding be applied for to install solar heating at the pool based on feedback that has been provided by users for many years on the temperature of the pool.

 During our initial investigations, due to the anticipated cost of installing solar heating, it was suggested that consideration be given to seeking funding to install solar power at the pool. This would offset some of the current power costs at the pool, which in turn would release additional funds to the possibility of installing solar heating at the pool using the Community Pool Revitalisation scheme funding in 2016/17. 

 Planning Approval -  Caravan Park at Quindanning (27/7/15)

 The Council have approved a proposed Caravan Park on land north of the Quindanning Hotel. The approval is for 12 designated caravan sites, 36 caravan or camping sites, 10 transportable holiday cabins and chalets, 1 caretakers dwelling/ reception building, and ancillary development including a communal building and amenities. 

 The approval is conditional to a large number of conditions which will address visual amenity, length of stay, parking, road access, water supply, sewerage treatment and landscaping. The Council wishes the  proponents, a local family, all the best in the venture and hopes everything goes smoothly. 

 Cemetery Improvements (27/7/15)

 Council have resolved that a new niche wall be built on the south side of the cemetery entry to the same dimensions as the current niche wall, but only allowing for double compartments as part of a continuing cemetery improvement plan. It has also been decided that a sign be installed listing all unmarked graves at the cemetery and advising that further enquiries regarding location of these graves be made at the Shire office. 

 Shire Road Maintenance (13/7/15)

The Council works crew are currently working on the Williams Darkan Rd digging roadside drainage in an attempt to rectify some sections of road that are constantly breaking up. Upon completion of these works road clearing and gravel sheeting will continue on the Tarwonga Dardadine Rd.

 Unfortunately not a lot of winter grading has been able to be completed at this stage due to a lack of rain which everyone would be aware of.

 Road Name Length Graded (kms)

Glenfield Rd        13.6

Graham Rd         1.9

Congelin-Narrogin Rd 6.1

Pingelly Rd          8.1

Roccis Rd          4.1

Gillett Rd          1.1

Tip Rd          1.0

Total Length for the Month         35.9 km 

CCTV Workshop (13/7/15)

The Shire and the Williams Business Group will be holding a 1 hour CCTV Workshop on Monday 21st July at the Williams CRC at 7pm.

 The Shire has engaged Redfish Technologies, a specialist CCTV supplier, to come to Williams and assess the needs of the Community and Businesses. The aim of the workshop will be to give Businesses an idea of what technology is available, what systems could suit our Community with the overall aim to apply for funding for a street CCTV system and investigate a bulk purchasing arrangement. 

 2015 Council Elections (13/7/15)

 Council Elections are scheduled for the 17th October 2015.

 Nominations open Thursday 3rd September and close at 4pm 10th September 2015.

 This year 5 Councillors terms expire

Cr Cowcher

Cr Carne

Cr Medlen

Cr Cavanagh

Cr Major

 Please contact the CEO should you be interested in becoming a Councillor or alternative go to the Department of Local Government website. 

 Williams Bowling Club (29/6/15)

The Council have resolved to support the Williams Bowling Club in an attempt to install one new synthetic bowling green. The project is expected to cost around $200,000 with funding being applied for from the Department of Sport & Recreation. The Council resolution was as follows;

 1.        That the Shire of Williams act on behalf of the Williams Bowling Club to manage the new synthetic      surface project, including all accounts in association with the project;

2.  That the Shire of Williams prepares an application to the Department of Sport & Recreation's   Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund on behalf of the Williams Bowling Club;

3.  That Council contribute in-kind works of up to $10,000 to the project of their determination;

4.  That Council will consider raising a self-supporting loan on behalf of the Williams Bowling Club for the   balance of the funds required to finance the project.

 Roads to Recovery Funding Boost (29/6/15)

The Australian Government has announced additional funds for Roads to Recovery. In summary, total funding for the Roads to Recovery programme for 2014-15 to 2018-19 is now $3.2 billion over the five years of which the Shire of Williams will receive $844,052.Our allocation for 2015-16 which already contained a double payment will now be increased again, as will the allocation for 2016-17. 

This announcement was made after our recent Budget meeting in which the draft road program was presented. It is Council’s intention to spend the 2015-16 allocation on rural road with a focus on making them safe for heavy vehicle use. 

Williams Hockey Club - Field Opening (29/6/15)

Congratulations to the Williams Hockey Club who held the official opening of their new Hockey Field on Saturday. The commitment put in by the members of the Hockey Club has been exceptional and they are now able to reap the benefits. 

 Regional Waste Site (29/6/15)

The group of Councils, comprising of the Shires of Pingelly, Wickepin, Cuballing, Williams, Wagin, Narrogin & the Town of Narrogin known as the “Great Southern Regional Waste Group” (Group) have been meeting since 2007 to investigate the options of establishing a regional Waste Disposal Site within the region. 

It is expected that all of the 11 existing local Waste Disposal Sites will become Transfer Stations.  Residents will dispose of waste at their local Transfer Station and the collected waste will be transferred at least weekly to the regional site for disposal.  Waste collected in weekly kerbside town site collection will also be transferred to the Regional Waste Disposal Site.  Recycling activities and the management of green waste will occur unchanged at local Transfer Stations.  The Regional Waste Disposal Site will not be open to the public.  

A single Regional Waste Disposal Site would receive up to 7,000 tonnes per annum of waste generated from the seven local governments in the region. Waste such as asbestos, liquid waste or medical waste will not be accepted at the Regional Waste Disposal Site.  

There is currently a planning application being considered by the Shire of Cuballing for a site within their Shire. Further information can be obtained at 

 Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance (HWEDA) (15/6/15)

 The HWEDA continues to meet on a regular basis with the three Shires of Wandering, Williams and Boddington which are joining together to promote our region. HWEDA is currently undertaking a Hotham River Economic Development Implementation Plan which will provide direction for the group to implement projects which will directly enhance tourism, economic development and assist business within our region. The HWEDA will be seeking Community feedback at some time in the future and I would encourage residents to participate.

 Corporate Business Plan Review

The Shire of Williams adopted its Corporate Business Plan in July 2013.

 Key Essentials of a Corporate Business Plan

 Under the new guidelines, it is essential that the Strategic Community Plan is:

1. Is for a minimum of 4 years.

2. Identifies and prioritises the principal strategies and activities the council will undertake in response to the aspirations and objectives stated in the Strategic Community Plan.

3. States the services, operations and projects that a local government will deliver over the period of the plan, the method for delivering these and the associated cost.

4. References resourcing considerations such as asset management plans, finances and workforce plans.

5. Is adopted by council by absolute majority.

 Regulations also require that:

1. Notice has been given to the public when the Corporate Business Plan is adopted (or modified).

2. The Corporate Business Plan is reviewed annually. This is because it is the main ‘driver’ for the local government’s annual budget.

 Corporate Business Plan Review (15/6/15) 

Council is currently reviewing the Corporate Business Plan in preparing the 2015/16 annual Budget. Ratepayers are encouraged to review the Corporate Business Plan are provide feedback to the Shire on future project that you might like to see included in the Plan. Technically projects not included in the Corporate Business Plan will not be fund. 

A copy of the Corporate Business Plan is available on the Shire website 

 Special Council Meeting (15/615)

This is to advise that a special meeting of Council will be held in the Council Chambers at 10.30am on Wednesday 17th June 2015. The purpose of the meeting is to consider rates, fees and charges, salary and wage reviews and works program for the 2015/2016 budget. 

 Lower Hotham (Quindanning) and O'Sullivan Fire Review (2/6/15)

 The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) Secretariat will undertake a review of the State’s two largest fires experienced this season - the Lower Hotham Block (Shire of Boddington) and O’Sullivan Block (Shire of Manjimup) bushfires.

 “The intent of this review is to understand the aspects of the event that worked well and could be built on, as well as highlighting any issues that can be improved. It will follow the successful model used in the Parkerville Stoneville Mt Helena Bushfire review” SEMC Secretariat Executive Director Mr Mal Cronstedt said.

 The report will be overseen by a subcommittee of the SEMC comprising, as a minimum, the SEMC Chair, Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner and Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) Director General. The Terms of Reference for the review have been established and a grant from the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) has been endorsed by the Minister for Emergency Services, Hon. Joe Francis MP.

 “The review subcommittee has endorsed the preliminary work to commence the review and identified three themes which will be examined throughout the review” Mr Cronstedt said.

 The three themes:

1.    Operational vertical communications.

2. Interstate resource deployment.

3. Interagency collaboration.

 The SEMC Secretariat Executive Director said they have engaged Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) have engaged the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) to assist.

 The final report will be tabled at the October 2015 SEMC meeting.

 Any organisation, volunteer or community member can make a submission to the review authors via email: Closing date for all submissions is 30 June 2015.   

 Childcare Centre Relief Staff (18/5/15)

The Shire is seeking suitable local people who would be willing to attain their Childcare Qualifications and provide relief hours at the Willi Wag Tails Childcare Centre. The Certificate III in Children's Services or someone actively working towards the certificate is a requirement to work in the Centre. The Shire would consider assisting with costs associated in attaining the qualification.

 If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Duff at the Shire office. 

 Roadworks (18/5/15)

The Shire works crew have recently completed the widening work on the York Williams Rd for this financial year. Some sections on the York-Williams Rd will remain unsealed until the end of the year. These sections have been treated with a stabilising product called Policom. Policom binds the gravel together to form a concrete like surface and it is planned to let these sections settle prior to be being sealed.

 Road side spraying activity has been going for  about a month now and it is hoped to cover as much of the road network as possible over the next month.

 The winter grading program should be able to commence now after recent rain. 

 New Bike Path Funding Approval (18/5/15)

The Shire has an updated and endorsed the Shire of Williams’ Local Bike Plan (2005-2015)

which details the pathway development (past and future). Council is committed to planning for pathway development, and the completion of the network throughout the townsite.

 The Shire has recently been advised of successful funding of $32,250 (plus GST) to assist with the construction of a new 390m shared use pathway along Growse & Piesse Streets in Williams which will be constructed next financial year.

 Strategic Community Plan Review Williams 2022 (4/5/15)

 Williams 2022 was adopted by Council in February 2013 after commencing in July 2012 and with input from the Community the plan set strategic direction for the Community and Council.

 The Council have recently completed a desk top review of the Plan with minor amendments being made to ensure the plan has relevance. A full review of the Community Plan will occur in 2017.

 The Community’s efforts in developing the plan have not been wasted, in fact upon review, the Plan has ensured the Council, Community and partners have worked towards the outcomes of the Plan and several successes and developments can be highlighted.

 ED 1.1 Develop the industrial estate to offer affordable and appropriately serviced allotments.

Achievement - New industrial lots available in the Marjidin Way Estate

 ED 1.4 Establish a Chamber of Commerce that creates a network of support for business in the town. The Chamber can meet with the Shire on a regular basis.

Achievement - The Williams Business Group has formed and meets monthly

 ED 2.2 Plan and deliver relevant aged housing for our ageing population.

Achievement - 5 new aged housing units built and tenanted

 SCD 1.3 Continue the Community Resource Centres involvement in senior activities to create an environment where our aging community can remain connected with each other and the community at large.

Achievement - The CRC is a hub for Seniors activities

 SCD 2.2 Attract and sponsor a long term family doctor to visit the town on a more regular basis

Achievement - The Shire’s arrangement with the Boddington Medical Centre ensures a Doctor is in Williams weekly

 SCD 2.5 Investigate the plausibility of establishing a pharmacy or pharmacy services for Williams

Achievement - The Shire has issued Planning Approval for a Business to establish a pharmacy in Williams

 SCD 3.7 Increase the level of community policing in the town so that there is a partnership developed between the police and the community in keeping our town safe and secure.

Achievement - The Williams Police and Community currently have an excellent relationship

 SCD 4.1 Add to or expand on current facilities that are relevant to community needs and to make them attractive for the majority to use.

Achievement - Sport and Rec. Facility upgrade plus many other small projects

 Besides the items listed above the Shire, Community and our Partners have moved forward in looking to achieve the items set out in the Community Plan.

 The Community is encourage to make regular feedback to the Shire in regard to our Strategic Community Plan. This feedback will be kept and brought to the table when a new plan is developed in 2017. 

 War Memorial Project (4/5/15)

As many would have seen at ANZAC Ceremony all the components of the War Memorial Project were completed. This was largely due to the following funding programs;

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Saluting their Service - $3300 
  • Lotterywest - $8257
  • Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program - $3300 

Thanks goes to Heidi Cowcher for preparation of the business case and successful funding applications. Tony Kett and Shire staff for their work on the project. Lou Higham, Donna Hardie and Hillary Bowman for their enthusiasm and input into the project. Frank Bowman for transporting of the Arch and Andrew Fisher for his assistance with the RSL insignia. Thanks also to Heather Higham for her artistic talents in producing the mosaic in the entry of the RSL Hall. 

Lower Hotham/Quindanning Fire - De-brief (20/4/15)

The Chief Bushfire Control Officer and CEO recently attended a de-brief  for the Lower Hotham/Quindanning Fire. The meeting was attended by Chief Officers from other Shires who had attended the fire, and DFES personnel. All of the issues raised by the Shire of Williams were listed and whilst there is no immediate solution to the points we have raised these issues are going to be put into a report which will be given to the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services.

 The issues raised by the Shire of Williams were supported by the other Shires and it is hoped that improvements can be made to the DFES system. The Lower Hotham/Quindanning Fire will be a standing item on the Agenda for our Regional Fire meetings, therefore our concerns will not be lost in the system.

Final Fire Size = 52,299 hectares 

 Lower Hotham/Quindanning Fire - Debrief (7/4/15)

The Shire of Williams presented a list of issues to the Narrogin District Operations Committee of DFES last Thursday. The list complied by the local Bushfire Brigades is extensive and the DOAC has decided to hold a separate review of the Lower Hotham Fire on the 7th April. 

 Hockey Field Fencing (7/4/15)

Over the Easter Weekend the Williams Hockey Club constructed a limestone wall around the new hockey field. It was again an enormous effort by the club who have already contributed greatly to the project. Particular mention must go to Greg Madej from Narrogin who donated his expertise to supervise the laying of the blocks.

 Shire Road Construction Program (7/4/15)

The road construction program is continuing with the works crew working on the York-Williams Rd widening project. 

War Memorial Project (7/4/15)

The War Memorial Project is beginning to take shape with the new archway being installed at the RSL Hall  Courtyard. The war memorial foundations have been laid and re-laid after some water problems but are now ready for the installation of the granite by Perth Monumental with everything being in place for the ANZAC Day Ceremony. 

 Council Meeting - Date Change (7/4/15)

The next meeting of the Williams Shire Council will be on the 22nd April 2015 at 1pm. 

 Williams Lions Park Redevelopment – Feasibility Plan Grant ($20,000). (7/4/15)

The Shire of Williams is commencing planning towards the redevelopment of the Williams Lions Park  The park needs to be comprehensively redesigned to cater for the growing needs of the travelling public. The Shire was recently advised of the successful application for funding under the Royalties for Regions Community Chest Fund (CCF) 2014-15 which will allow the Shire to consult the community and engage a design consultant to plan the park re-development and produce a business case which will be used for future funding applications. 

 Lower Hotham/Quindanning Fire - Debrief (23/03/15)

The Shire of Williams presented a list of issues to the Narrogin District Operations Committee of DFES last Thursday. The list complied by the local Bushfire Brigades is extensive and the DOAC has decided to hold a separate review of the Lower Hotham Fire of the 7th April. 

Swimming Pool Season Close (23/03/15)

The swimming pool will close on Tuesday 31st March 2015 for the season. 

Shire Road Construction Program (23/03/15)

The road construction program is continuing with the works crew working on the York-Williams Rd widening project. 

 Planning Approval - Pharmacy (23/03/15)

The Shire of Williams has recently given planning approval for Lot 17 Albany Highway to be used as a Pharmacy. The proponent is currently seeking the other approvals necessary to commence trading. 

Gypsum Washing Trial (23/03/15)

Great Southern Gypsum (GSG) recently made a presentation to Council regarding a proposed gypsum washing trial to be conducted on Lot 9000 Albany Highway Williams.

The main points being:

  • GSG are currently setting up a Gypsum Mine on Lake Grace
  • GSG are hoping to supply gypsum to companies such as BGC and CSR for plaster board manufacturing
  • The Gypsum will be crushed at Lake Grace
  • Once crushed the gypsum needs to be washed to remove any fine particles
  • GSG require a small parcel of land to conduct a gypsum washing trial for approximate 500 tonnes and potentially a further 500 tonnes
  • The area should be flat and close to water and power but this is not necessary for the trial
  • Once washed the gypsum will dry for 10 days before being truck to Perth
  • If the trial is successful and the gypsum is suitable for plasterboard manufacturing then a full license and approval process would be undertaken 

Council has resolved to give approval to Great Southern Gypsum to conduct a trial operation to wash 2 x 500 tonne quantities of gypsum. This approval is subject to:

  • Water test results being satisfactory for discharge into a water course. In this instance the water will be stored in the dam onsite;
  • Neighbours to the property being advised and showing no major objections;
  • Deposit $2,000 into the Shire of Williams Trust Account for remediation works if required at the end of the trial;
  • The site to be remediated to the satisfaction of the Shire of Williams by the 30th June 2015 being the termination date of the approval;
  • Daylight hours of operation only.

 Restricted Burning Period - Extension (9/3/15)

The Shire of Williams wishes to advise that the Restricted Burning period has commenced on the 28th February 2015. A permit to burn should be sought from your local Fire Control Officer before any burning can take place. 

 Lower Hotham/Quindanning Fire - Debrief  (9/3/15)

The Shire of Williams on behalf of the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades has finalised the debrief document detailing the issues that the Brigades came up against at the Lower Hotham/Quindanning fire. The list of issues is extensive and will be presented to the Narrogin District Operations Advisory Committee (DOAC) meeting on the 19th March.  The Narrogin DOAC is made up of all the Bushfire Brigades in the region with the Chief Bushfire Control Officer from each Shire in the region attending and providing advice and feedback to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

 The issues document is formally requesting the DOAC to seek a response from DFES on the issues listed and once a response is received this information will be forwarded to the Brigades. 

 Funding Update  (9/3/15)

The Shire’s Economic Development Officer, Heidi Cowcher,, has been very busy of late and has submitted a large number of funding applications which are currently under consideration by the various funding bodies. Without these external funds the Shire would find it difficult to complete many of the projects we do. For further information on the funding applications we have submitted please contact the Shire office. 



Outcome to be advised

Tobacco Control Grants Scheme
  (submitted July 2014)


No funding available, program has been withdrawn

Williams Gateway Expo
  (submitted October 2014)



4WDL Well Aged Housing Project – NSRF

(submitted November 2014) - Housing units


May 2015

RBN Local Government Grants (Bike Path)

(submitted October 2014)


May 2015

HWEDA Strategic Plan – WDC CCF

(submitted December 2014)


May 2015

HWEDA Strategic Plan – PDC CCF

(submitted December 2014)


May 2015

Williams Lions Park Project Planning – WDC CCF

(submitted December 2014)


May 2015

4WDL Well Aged Housing Project – SII

(submitted February 2015) - Housing units


May 2015


   Shire Road Construction Program  (9/3/15)

The road construction program is continuing with the works crew working on the York Williams Rd widening project.

 Prohibited Burning Period - Extension (9/2/15)

The Shire of Williams wishes to advise that the Prohibited Burning period has been extended to the 28th February 2015.

 Volunteer Fire Brigades - Thankyou (9/2/15)

The Shire of Williams wishes to thank Chief Bushfire Control Officer, Brian Liddelow, all Fire Control Officers  and all volunteer fire fighters for their efforts so far this summer. It has truly been a trying time for all concerned with an unusual amount of fires and some large fires at that. Our brigades do a terrific job and are very efficient at what they do. Thanks to all the ancillary helpers who have fed, watered and supported the fire crews, a true community effort.

 There will be a chance to do a de-brief on the Lower Hotham fire at some stage in which any issues arising out of this can be voiced to DFES via the Shire of Williams. 

 Aged Housing Project (9/2/15)

Our Aged Units are complete and ready for the new tenants. They have come up very nice and are a great addition to our community. Thankyou to WA Country Builders and all other trades associated with the project. Thanks also to the Shire works crew who have done a great job working in a confined space to complete the internal road and drainage works. 

 Shire Road Construction Program (9/2/15)

The road construction program is underway for 2015. The works crew are continuing to widen and seal the York-Williams Rd. This will take up a majority of their time for the rest of the financial year with the remainder of the construction period being used to gravel sheet Dardadine Rd.

Normal maintenance grading activities will continue when weather conditions allow. 

 Export Hay Processing Plant - Development Application. (9/2/15)

The Shire of Williams has expressed its disappointment in reporting on the recent development application for Gilmac Holdings in both the Narrogin Observer and The Countryman.

 It is true that the application was received in May 2014 and withdrawn in November 2014 but this was due to Gilmac wanting to use Playle Rd intersecting with the Albany Highway. It was because of this reason that Main Roads were consulted and their input on the proposal was sought. The Shire of Williams did not receive Main Roads advice until after the Gilmac application was withdrawn in November. The Council have expressed their disappointment to the Main Roads Regional Manager and requested that Main Roads improve their assessment process in the future.

 Many would say we have lost an opportunity for a new business in Williams but the Shire of Williams does not believe it was at fault and a conversation between the Shire President and Gilmac has confirmed this.

 Lions Park Re-Development Plan (1/12/15)

At the November Council Meeting Council endorsed an application to the Wheatbelt Development Commission’s Community Chest Grant Scheme for the planning for the redevelopment of the Williams Lions Park. The Shire of Williams will be applying for $20,000 to fund the engagement of a suitably qualified person to seek community input and professionally design the redevelopment of the Williams Lions Park. 

 Office Hours—Christmas/New Year Period (1/12/15)

Please note the Shire of Williams Office hours over the festive season.

 Wednesday 24th December Office Open

Thursday 25th December Public Holiday - Closed

Friday 26th December Public Holiday - Closed

Monday 29th December Closed

Tuesday 30th December Closed

Wednesday 31st December Closed

Thursday 1st January Public Holiday- Closed

Friday 2nd January Closed

 If there is an emergency during this time please contact the CEO, Ryan Duff on 0429 900 005. 

 Local Emergency Management Committee Meeting (1/12/15)

 Please be advised of a Williams LEMC meeting on MONDAY 1st DECEMBER 2014 commencing at 4pm at the Shire Council Chambers. 

Aged Housing (1/12/15)

As the photos (above right) show our 5 units in Williams are nearing completion with kerbing and fencing installed. The road surface will be asphalted in the next week or so with only landscaping to be finished.

 The next stage of the project is now being progressed so much so that Council endorsed an application by the Shire of Williams on behalf of the 4WDL consortium to the National Stronger Regions Fund (Round 1) for the construction of 14 units across 7 shires totalling $5,023,648. The would mean an additional 2 units in Williams. 

 Anzac Commemoration Weekend (17/11/14)

The Shire of Williams sincerely thanks the community organisations and businesses for their efforts over the Albany ANZAC Commemoration Weekend from the 31st October to 2nd November. Your efforts were noticed and the Shire has received nothing but positive comments about our town. Special mention to the Williams CRC, Williams Business Group, Williams Woolshed and the Friend of the Medical Centre (Driver Reviver) for your efforts to make Williams stand out over the weekend. Also a thank you to the Shire staff who put in extra time and effort to present out town and facilities in a good light. 

 Burning of Cleared Vegetation Heaps (17/11/14)

Of serious concern is the recently occurrences whereby someone has committed arson and deliberately lit the road side heaps of cleared vegetation. Three heaps have been set alight at the Culbin siding, York Williams/Fourteen Mile Brook intersection and Taylor Rd.

 The is extremely worrying with the warmer weather coming on. We have previously found the heap can smoulder for months only to relight later  given the right conditions. The Shire works crew have now had to further delays the road construction program by having to extinguish the heaps and rake the hot coals out with the loader.

 If anyone has any information on who may have lit the heaps please contact the Williams Police. 

 Prohibited Burning Period (17/11/14)

The Prohibited Burning period has commenced therefore burning is no longer allowed within the Shire except in certain circumstances. Please contact the Shire office if you have any queries. 

 Local Emergency Management Committee Meeting (17/11/14)

Please be advised of a Williams LEMC meeting on MONDAY 1st DECEMBER 2014 commencing at 4pm at the Shire Council Chambers. 

Hockey Oval Update (17/11/14)

We have grass! The runners that were sown 3 weeks ago has taken beautifully and whilst not quite a mat of green the Hockey oval has grass. The footings have been poured for the retaining wall and when the time is right Greg Madej will supervise activities and get the first part of the perimeter fence in. The second stage of the fencing will be the installation of the chainmesh.

 Swimming Pool Opening for 2014/15 season (17/11/14)

The Williams pool is now open. Open Wednesday to Monday: 12:00pm - 7.00pm. Pool passes are available from the Shire office. 

Council Chamber Chairs for Sale (17/11/14)

The Shire of Williams is selling the old Board Room chairs for $50 each. There are 11 to choose from. Please contact the Shire office for details. 

 Bushfires Act 1954—Extension of the Restricted Burning Period (3/11/14)

Please be advised that the Restricted Burning Period has been extended to the 15th November 2014. 

 Industrial Shed Construction Begins (3/11/14)

The new shed premises has commenced construction with the tilt up concrete panels and steel framing going up this week.

Gilmac Export Hay Facility—Application withdrawal (3/11/14)

Gilmac Hay have recently withdrawn the application to build an Export Hay Facility at Playle Rd. It is unfortunate that the Council did not have an opportunity to consider the planning application at a Council meeting to complete the planning process. Council have been awaiting feedback from Main Roads Technical Services Branch on the heavy vehicle access and egress to Playle Rd. The advice has only just being received by the Shire but this was after the Gilmac withdrawal.

 The CEO has met with the Main Roads Regional Manager to discuss the delays and how best to treat future applications for new businesses setting up on the Albany Highway. 

 Early Childhood Teacher Needed (20/10/14)

The Willi Wag Tails Childcare Centre is seeking the services a qualified Early Childhood Teacher to provide guidance and advice to the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator on educational programming at the Centre.

 The position would entail minimal hours and preferably be in a voluntary capacity, however suitable pay and conditions can be negotiated.

 If you are able to assist please do not hesitate to contact the Shire CEO, Ryan Duff.

Williams War Memorial (20/10/14)

Three funding applications have been submitted for this project, all of which have now been approved.

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Saluting their Service has approved $3,300 
  • Lotterywest has approved $8,257
  • Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program - $3,300 has been approved.

 The CEO has met with community representatives to discuss the project further and has advised that we have now been successful with all 3 grants and the project can progress. If possible, it would be ideal for the project to be completed by Anzac Day 2015 in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary. The CEO has commenced planning towards the installation of the required components as approved. Quotes are currently being sought. 

Bushfires Act 1954—Prohibited Burning Period (20/10/14)

Please be advised that the Prohibited Burning Period will commence on the 1st November 2014. 

 Footpath Grant Application (20/10/14)

 The Department of Transport’s Regional Bicycle Network Grants 2015-16 have been released and applications close 31st October 2014. $1 million is available for path and on-road projects in 2015/16. The number one priority area is connections to schools.

 The Shire of Williams has identified that a pathway along the eastern side of Growse St between Richardson and Piesse St and then on the southern side of Piesse St between Growse and Rosselloty St would complete the pathway connection for the residential areas to the school, ensuring safety of children travelling to school. The pathway totals a length of 390m, at an estimated total cost of $62,500 (including cost of relocating WP power pole), of which 50% funding could be applied for totalling $31,250.

 At the October meeting Council resolved to submit an application to the Regional Bicycle Network Programme and if successful the new footpath would be constructed in 2015/16. 

Road Maintenance Update (22/9/14)

The Shire works crew are currently installing the hockey oval reticulation and storm water drainage at the new Aged Units.

 Bush Fire Brigade AGM (22/9/14)

The Annual General Meeting of the Williams Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades will be held at 4.30pm on the 6th October 2014 in the Council Chambers. 

 Early Childhood Teacher Needed (22/9/14)

The Willi Wag Tails Childcare Centre is seeking the services a qualified Early Childhood Teacher to provide guidance and advice to the Childcare Centre Co-ordinator on educational programming at the Centre. 

The position would entail minimal hours and preferably be in a voluntary capacity, however suitable pay and conditions can be negotiated. 

If you are able to assist please do not hesitate to contact the Shire CEO, Ryan Duff. 

 Hockey Oval Reticulation (22/9/14)

The reticulation for the new hockey oval is currently be installed and will be operational by the time the grass is planted in the first week in October. 

 Bushfires Act 1954, Restricted Burning Period Extension (22/9/14)

  Pursuant to Section 18(5) of the Bush Fires Act 1954, the Shire of Williams hereby notifies all landowners and occupiers within the Shire of Williams, that introduction of the Restricted Burning Period has been delayed for a period of 14 days until 7th October 2014.

 For further information, please contact your Fire Control Officer or the Shire office. 

Road Maintenance Update (8/9/14)

The Shire works crew have this week completed shoulder grading on the Marradong Rd and Quindanning Darkan Rd with the plan to progress to the Williams Darkan Rd next week. The gardening crew and Starr Gillett have also had a busy week preparing the Recreation Ground for the Upper Great Southern Football Grand Final and have done a tremendous job to enable the Shire to showcase our facilities to visitors.

Planning Application - Gilmac Holdings (8/9/14)

The Shire of Williams is continuing to assess the application from Gilmac Holdings to build and operate an Export Hay Facility at Playle Rd. The Shire has requested and received a Traffic Impact Study and a Noise Level Assessment, these have been forwarded to Main Roads and the Department of Environment and Regulation respectively for comment. Upon advice/comment from MRD and DER the Shire may be in a position to make a determination on the application.

Application for Aged Housing Units (8/9/14)

The time is coming were our new units are nearing completion and by the end of 2014 will be ready to be occupied. The Shire currently has a list of people who have made application for any future vacancies in our Aged Housing Units. Some people who are already on the wait list may not be ready to move from their home and therefore the next person on our wait list would be offered the accommodation. We would only encourage our Seniors to consider their future housing options and if you think our units would be suitable for you please contact Sharon Wilkie at the Shire office. If you would like a tour of our new units please contact the office and once we receive the keys from the builder we can take you through.

 Local Government Reform (8/9/14)

Reform of WA’s metropolitan local governments has moved closer, with the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) calling for public submissions on three proposals. LGAB will be putting forward its recommendations on reform to Local Government Minister Tony Simpson in late August. 

 At the recent Western Australian Local Government Conference the Minister for Local Government stated that he has his hands full with Metropolitan Local Government Reform and he has "no plans" and "no timeframe" for council boundary changes in country areas. This might be so but Premier Barnett raised the issue recently of Country Amalgamations saying local council mergers will apply in country and regional areas once amalgamations in Perth are underway. Just out of interest, amalgamation may not be good for rates in Williams if the available 'Unimproved Valuation Rate in the $ Comparison' figures are any indication.

 Road Maintenance Update (25/8/14)

The Shire works crew have been active through the last month given the fine weather. Shoulder grading on the narrow bitumen sealed roads has been the main works program. To date, the following roads have been completed - Clayton Road, Glenfield/Cemetery Road, Richmond Street, Cornwall Terrace, Piesseville Road and Carne Road. 

Nash Road has had verge cleaning completed. Winter maintenance grading continues and will carry on until such time as the moisture stays in the road surface. 

The next project will be the completion of the internal drainage and road surfacing for the new Aged Units as they near completion. Following this, the crew will return to the continuation of the widening of the bitumen seal to 7m on the York-Williams Road. 

Williams Corporate Business Plan (25/8/14)

In accordance with the Local Government [Administration] Regulation 19DA, Council has considered a new Draft for the Shire of Williams Corporate Business Plan, which includes change to the plan adopted in 2013.

 The revised plan (2014/15 to 2018/19) must be adopted each year, and should take into account the capacity of Council’s current resources, as well as any possible future resources, in order to be able to undertake and complete the projects contained within.

 A copy of the Draft Shire of Williams Corporate Business Plan is available at the Shire Office.

 Comments are welcomed. 

New Hockey Field (25/8/14)

Work continues on the new hockey field with the light towers installed over the last week. The reticulation is to be installed in the first week of September and the grass stolons planted in the last week of September/first week of October. Lovegrove Turf Services are assisting the Shire with professional advice in relation to the turf. They advise that they fully anticipate that the surface will be playable for the 2015 hockey season. 

The fencing remains the only task outstanding at this stage. Limestone blocks for the retaining walls have been ordered and arrived late this week. The fencing materials for the surrounds are to be ordered shortly with installation anticipated before the end of the year. Once the fencing is complete, this will complete the Sport and Recreation Upgrade project. 

Williams Lions Park (25/8/14)

Council is commencing planning on the redevelopment of the Williams Lions Park into a more useable and visitor friendly space. Any initial thoughts or ideas are welcomed, as we start putting together ideas of what could be possible. 

Further community consultation will follow in time. Put your thinking caps on! 

Avon Waste Kerbside Recycling (11/8/14)

 Please take a moment to ensure you only put those types of items into your recycling bin that can be truly recycled.

 While some items, like crockery, clothing or household item could possibly be re-used, that does not mean they are suitable to be recycled, so please don’t place them in your yellow bin.

 The same goes for garden waste, kitchen scraps and shredded paper; a compost bin is ideal for these, otherwise please put them in the ordinary rubbish bin.

The Little Black Book of Scams (11/8/14) 

As it is tax time, there are a number of scams that are doing the rounds, via phone, letter or e-mail, pretending to be from the tax office and offering you a substantial refund - for a fee, which of course you will never see again!

 Williams is not exempt from these scammers, and a number of residents have received phone calls pretending to be from an official organisation offering cash refunds.

 The Shire Office has a number of free copies of ‘The Little Black Book of Scams’, published by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Despite it’s name, it’s a colourful little publication and makes for quite interesting reading, but more importantly, it could save you from losing your hard-earned cash. Pick up a copy for yourself or for a member of your family. Read it with an elderly relative or your teenage kids. Help them protect themselves should they be targeted by a scammer.

 You can also visit for the latest info, or to subscribe to their scam-alert e-mails. 

Standpipe Removal (28/7/14)

The Shire of Williams is seeking community feedback on the possible removal of standpipes within the Shire of Williams.

 Subject to community input it has been resoled to remove the Tin Shed Rd, Recreation Ground and Rathgar (Narrogin Rd) standpipes. The reason for the removal of these standpipes is the ongoing maintenance costs, services fee and repair costs which has escalated over a period of time and water sales not increasing at the same rate.

 There are still standpipes at Glenfield Rd, Darkan Williams Rd, Culbin-Boraning Rd and Colin Cowcher’s.

 If there any comments or objections to this proposal please contact the CEO. 

Roadside Conservation (28/7/14)

The Council received a presentation from the Roadside Conservation Committee at the July Council meeting. The RCC handed their report “Roadside Vegetation and Conservation Values in the Shire of Williams” to Council and discussed its findings.

 This report provides an overview of the conservation status of roadside remnant vegetation in the Shire of Williams. The report primarily gives detailed results of the roadside vegetation survey and is accompanied by management recommendations. It also describes the natural environment in Williams, legislative considerations and threats to conservation values.

 Aware of the need to conserve roadside remnants, local community members liaised with the Roadside Conservation Committee (RCC) with support from the shire to survey roadsides in the Shire of Williams. Surveys to assess the conservation values of roadside remnants were conducted between August 2012 and May 2013. Almost 85% of the Shire’s 457km of rural roadsides were assessed by the RCC for their conservation status, and maps were produced via a Geographic Information System (GIS). Roadside locations of six nominated weeds (bridal creeper, cape tulip, cotton bush, soursob, tagasaste and wild radish) were also recorded and mapped onto separate clear overlays.

 The Shire of Williams wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the community volunteers who gave their time to assist with the roadside survey.

 The Shire works crew and CEO also took part in a training day conducted by the Roadside Conservation Committee with topics covered as below:

  • The value of roadside vegetation
  • Clearing legislation & road reserves
  • Managing special environmental areas in road reserves – threatened flora & nature reserves
  • Best practice methods of clearing & pruning native vegetation
  • Poison plants (Gastrolobium species) in Williams
  • Identification & management of local roadside weeds

 A copy of the report can be viewed at the Williams Public Library. 

Shire of Williams 2014-15 Budget (28/7/14)

The Council adopted the 2014-15 Budget at the July Council meeting. This year Council has adopted a 5% rate increase in order to achieve a satisfactory budget result.

This year budget will see the end of an extensive capital improvement program that has been undertaken over the last few years in which the Country Local Government Fund has been a significant contribution to major infrastructure upgrades with the Shire. The Council is of the view that a period of consolidation should ensue on the completion of this budget. The Capital Works Program with the budget includes:

  • Completion of the 5th Aged Housing Unit and associated roadworks, fencing and landscaping
  • Computer hardware upgrade
  • Resumption of the Plant Replacement program including a new grader, utility and sedan
  • Continuation of the widening of the York-Williams Rd to a 7m seal
  • Gravel Sheeting of the Dardadine Road using Federal Government Funding
  • Cash contribution to the Regional Waste Site land purchase
  • Lions Park furniture
  • War Memorial Project
  • New shed to be built in the Light Industrial Area
  • Formalisation of the Bowling Club car park after the new entry was created
  • Completion of the Recreation Precinct upgrade which is mostly the finalisation of the hockey field

Council operating expenses were also increased but major increases in utilities and insurance has forced costs cutting in other budget areas. Fees and charges were increased by 3% with the exception of some items. 

Willi Wag Tails Childcare (28/7/14)

The recent Shire Budget has identified that Willi Wag Tail Childcare Centre is unable to sustain itself and requires the assistance of the Shire to remain viable. Numbers at the Centre have dropped off since the first year of opening and therefore Council has been forced to increase fees to $75 for a full day’s care. This fee is inline with other regional centres and with increased operating costs and low numbers this fee increase is required.

 The Centre is a valuable service to our community, particularly young families that require dual incomes to  meet their needs. I would urge parents to consider Willi Wag Tails for care, even if only for a casual booking. The Shire will continue to support the service as long as possible and hopefully the community does as well. 

Road Funding Applications (28/7/14)

The Shire is currently in the process of preparing various road funding applications from the State Government. Glenfield Rd is subject to a Commodity Route Funding Program due to the feedlot operation requiring extensive maintenance to the road. Additional applications are being made for the State Road Blackspot Funding Program for 12 SLK Zilko Rd and the junction of Cornwall Terrace and Brooking St. All funding is subject to a 1/3 contribution (Wages and Plant) from the local government and is for the 2015/16 financial year.

Road Maintenance (13/7/14)

The Shire works crew have recently worked on the Piesseville-Tarwonga Rd and are currently working on the Culbin-Boraning Rd carrying out tree trimming works.

 The graders are also part way through the first round of winter grading. You will note on these roads that some sticks and rocks are being brought out onto the road as it is necessary to bring the material from out of the table drains that have been graded off during summer grading. The works crew will do their best to minimise the amount of sticks and rocks on the road and road users are asked to please take care when using the freshly graded roads.

 Comment has also been made about the flatness of our roads. The winter grade is done with the grader blade set at a 4% cross fall from the middle of the road. This is done to bring the crown back onto the road that has been taken off during the summer grading program. Some of our roads are lacking in gravel and therefore keeping the shape on the roads is difficult.

 In the upcoming budget and subsequent budgets there will be an emphasis on rural road maintenance, more so than in the last few years where the crew have been carrying out private works, projects in town and new bitumen roads. Firstly it is intended to do shoulder grading on our bitumen roads to protect the sealed road edges that we have, secondly more gravel sheeting will take place and thirdly vegetation control on roads where trees infringe into the maintenance zone.

 It is hoped the above actions will make our roads safer for the increasing amount of heavy vehicles, larger farm machinery and increased passenger traffic. 

Staff Changes  (13/7/14)

Steven Stewart has recently resigned as Shire Mechanic to take up a position in Perth. We wish Steven all the best for the future. The Shire would like to welcome Cameron Kett as our new mechanic. Cameron was previously employed at Corner’s Auto Electrics and is a fully qualified diesel mechanic as well as an auto electrician. 

Bunge Grain Transport  (13/7/14)

The Shire of Williams recently wrote to the Minister for Transport regarding our concerns with the transport of grain to the Bunge Grain Terminal in Bunbury. The concerns were around the use of the Pinjarra-Williams and Collie-Williams Rd and the limited passing opportunities. The Shire is yet to receive a response to this letter but we have since been advised by Bunge that all trucks transporting grain to Bunbury are requested to use Albany Highway to Arthur River and then Coalfields Highway to Bunbury. Bunge have asked the Shire to report any instances where trucks are not using the designated route and they will ensure that their contractors comply.

 The Shire President and CEO will be meeting with the Minister for Transport at the end of the month and will be discussing grain transport issues within our Shire and also the Albany Highway and any future upgrades. 

Aged Unit Progress (30/6/14)

The new Aged Units are progressing well with 4 of the 5 to have the tiling finished, final clean up and floor coverings to be installed. The Shire Works crew will install internal storm water drainage and trim the road for sealing. Fencing will then be erected once the Builder has cleaned up the site.

 It is expected that the 5 units will be available for rent in late December 2014. The Shire has a current waiting list for these units which we are currently working through in an attempt to allocate the units and to give prospective tenants ample prior notice. If you are considering a move to a smaller unit and think this type of accommodation might be suitable for you please do not hesitate to contact the Shire office. 

ANZAC Centenary Celebrations (30/6/14)

After an approach from a Community member the Shire Council has indicated a willingness to participate in the ANZAC Centenary over the next four years. The Council resolved to allocate Shire staff to assist the Community in applying for funding for related projects, facilitating events and projects. Two Councillors have also indicated their willingness to represent the Council in this area and finally the Council would also consider funding projects if they are deemed to have community benefit and provide value for the ratepayers in Williams.

 It is hoped the Council can work with the Community in this area and make Williams an important stop for those travelling through to Albany for the Centenary Celebrations. 

Williams Community Survey 2014 (30/6/14)

The Shire of Williams is currently reviewing the results of our recent community survey. Thank you to those people who made the effort to make comment, a total of 70 surveys were returned. Initial results show the community is generally satisfied with the Shire, however there are certainly some comments both positive and negative, which will give Council and staff food for thought.

 Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance

This group continues to meet on a monthly basis and most recently met with the Bunbury Wellington Economic Executive Officer who gave a run down on their organisation and how it benefits its members and community.

 The Bunbury Wellington Economic Alliance (BWEA) is a leading advocate for sustainable economic development in their region. BWEA comprises business and community leaders, working in partnership. They engage with Government and business to attract investment in industry, infrastructure and services to support prosperity and development. The BWEA is made up of 7 Shires and has Corporate Members such as BHP Billiton, Premier Coal, Water Corporation and Western Power as well as many smaller type businesses

 Whilst the Bunbury model is bigger than the Hotham Williams Economic Development Alliance there are some synergies and it is hoped our group can be successful and provide benefits to the communities of Williams, Wandering and Boddington. For more information of BWEA please go to their website

Shire of Williams - Special Budget Meeting - Notice of Meeting (16/6/14)

This is to advise that a special meeting of Council will be held in the Council Chambers at 10.30am on Wednesday 18th June 2014.

Business: To consider items for inclusion in the 2014/15 Annual Budget. 

Request for Public Comment (16/6/14)

Lot 17 Playle Rd, Williams

Gilmac Holdings

Export Hay Processing Facility

An application has been received to develop an Export Hay Facility which incorporates hay storage sheds, processing plant, site office and weigh bridge.

The Shire of Williams has determined that the proposed facility is a “AA” use under the Town Planning Scheme No. 2 at therefore seeks public comment prior to giving formal planning approval.

Plans are available for inspection at the Shire office.

Submissions must be made in writing and lodged with the Shire by 5pm Friday 27th June 2014. 

Community Satisfaction Survey (16/6/14)

The Shire of Williams is once again surveying residents and ratepayers on their opinions as to how we as a Shire are performing.

The survey can be accessed via the following link

There will be hard copies at the Shire offices and posted to non-resident ratepayers. Survey responses are requested by 17 JUNE 2014. 

Meeting with Premier Colin Barnett (16/6/14)

The Premier, Colin Barnett recently called through Williams and met with representatives of the Shire. Some issues raised with the Premier were: the Albany Highway, Grain Freight to Bunbury, Emergency Services Act review and a general overview on projects happening in Williams. 

Shire of Williams - Special Budget Meeting - Notice of Meeting (2/6/14)

This is to advise that a special meeting of Council will be held in the Council Chambers at 10.30am on Wednesday 18th June 2014.

 Business: To consider items for inclusion in the 2014/15 Annual Budget. 

 Request for Public Comment (2/6/14)

Lot 17 Playle Rd, Williams

Gilmac Holdings

Export Hay Processing Facility

An application has been received to develop an Export Hay Facility which incorporates hay storage sheds, processing plant, site office and weigh bridge.

 The Shire of Williams has determined that the proposed facility is a “AA” use under the Town Planning Scheme No. 2 at therefore seeks public comment prior to giving formal planning approval.

 Plans are available for inspection at the Shire office.

 Submissions must be made in writing and lodged with the Shire by 5pm Friday 27th June 2014. 

 Disposal of Property (2/6/14)

In accordance with Section 3.58 (3) and (4) of the Local Government Act, 1995, it is hereby notified that Council proposes to dispose of the following property by private treaty:

 Details of Property Address

Lot 20 (No 16) Piesse St Williams.

  • Details of Proposed Disposal

The property is owned freehold by the Shire of Williams and is a 3 x 1 House on 811m2.

  • Purchaser

D & S Ford Williams WA 6391

  • Consideration

Council has determined a purchase price of $167,000

  • Market Value


  • Submissions

Written submissions are invited on the above proposal and will be received up to 4.00pm on 20th June 2014.

Submissions can be lodged by post to PO Box 96 Williams WA 6391, by facsimile to (08) 9885 1020 or by email to 

Oval Reticulation Main Line Update (19/5/14)

The main line for the oval has been upgraded this week with a new 200mm pipe. This will allow for the addition of the new hockey oval reticulation and speed up the time it takes to reticulate the ovals and to comply with Health Department Guidelines for the use of treated waste water. 

 Department of Fire & Emergency Services - Concept Paper  (19/5/14)

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services is progressing the review of the current emergency services Acts (the Fire Brigades Act 1942, the Bush Fires Act 1954 and the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998) to create a single comprehensive Emergency Services Act which will improve community safety and better support all emergency services workers in the future.

 The Concept Paper has been available for comment from 16 April 2014. Further information is available on the DFES website.

 This review will have an impact on how fires are managed within our Shire and therefore it is imperative that we make submissions to DFES on the areas that are going to effect us. 

 Newmont Gold - Williams Community Update Meeting  (19/5/14)

Newmont would like to invite you to attend a Newmont Boddington Gold community update meeting on Wednesday, 21st May commencing at 6:00pm.

 The meeting will be held at the Williams RSL Hall, located on Growse St, Williams and will provide an overview of our 2013 operational performance, highlight some of our challenges and celebrate some of our community partnerships.

 Light pre-meeting refreshments and snacks will be provided.

 For catering purposes, please confirm your attendance by emailing or contact Jenny on 9883 3600. 

 Tree Planting Around Town  (19/5/14)

The Gardeners have started planting trees at a number of locations around town of late. At the moment it is mainly native tube stock but in June we will receive an order of bare rooted trees. The trees are deciduous and should add a variety of colour this time next year.

 The aim is to replace a number of trees taken out over the last year or two and replant the trees in areas where they do not interfere with town development or services. 

 Williams River Weir (5/5/14)

Finally we have had the opportunity to remove silt and sand from the weir at the Lions Park. With assistance of BIM’s Earthmoving two days were spent cleaning out the silt and river sand. The majority of the work has been done but with rain falling over the ANZAC day long weekend any further removal works have ceased. Some general tidying up still needs to be done and hopefully with the winter rains coming the weir will have a chance to flush out before capping the pipes to hold the water. 

 Road Works Update (5/5/14)

The Shire Works Crew are continuing on the York Williams Rd widening a 7km section with gravel. Tree sucker spraying will also commence this month. 

  ANZAC Day Ceremony (5/5/14)

The ANZAC Day Ceremony was held again this year with over 100 people in attendance. Thank you to all those who were involved. 

  Department of Fire & Emergency Services - Concept Paper (5/5/14)

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services is progressing the review of the current emergency services Acts (the Fire Brigades Act 1942, the Bush Fires Act 1954 and the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998) to create a single comprehensive Emergency Services Act which will improve community safety and better support all emergency services workers in the future.

The Concept Paper is available for comment from 16 April 2014. Further information is available on the DFES website.

This review will have an impact on how fires are managed within our Shire and therefore it is imperative that we make submissions to DFES on the areas that are going to effect us. 

Aged Housing Project Update (7/4/14)

The Aged Housing Project is still continuing to make progress. This week the concrete slab was laid for the 5th unit. 

Road Works Update (7/4/14)

The Shire Works Crew are continuing on the York Williams Rd widening in between assisting with the Hockey Oval, new sand pad for the 5th Aged Unit and other bits and pieces jobs.

Tree sucker spraying will also commence later this month. 

Hockey Oval Busy Bee (7/4/14)

Job done. Well done and thank you to also those concerned. It was great to see the community effort on this project. 

Expression of Interest - Industrial Shed Lease Unit 1 Lot 440 Marjidin Way. (7/4/14)

The Shire of Williams invites suitable businesses to record their interest for the lease of a 432m2 industrial shed located at Lot 440 Marjidin Way Williams.

 A briefing document is available for all interested parties which outlines the lease conditions and application criteria.

 For further information and a copy of the Expression of Interest documents please contact Ryan Duff on 9885 1005 or email

EOIs will be received by email or in a sealed envelope clearly marked ‘Expression of Interest – Lease Industrial Shed’ and addressed to the attention of the undersigned at the Shire of Williams, 9 Brooking St Williams WA 6391. EOIs must be received by 4.00pm on Monday 28th April 2014. 

Fire Permit Notification (24/3/14)

The Shire would request that any person intending to burn with a permit over the next few week to notify the Shire office prior to starting the burn. The simple action saves a lot of confusion especially when the 000 Communications Centre call to advise of a reported fire. 

Aged Housing Project Update (24/3/14)

The Aged Housing Project is progressing well with two units having roof sheeting installed. The Gyproc will being going up next week with internal plumbing wiring being installed.

 The Shire has also signed the contract for 1 additional unit which will make a total of 5 units being available for rent later this year. 

Road Works Update (24/3/14)

The Shire Works Crew have completed the culvert on Hardie Road and are now proceeding to the York Williams Rd for widening works. 

 Hockey Oval Busy Bee (24/3/14)

We done the Williams Hockey Club on last weekend’s busy bee to bring in sand for the new Hockey Oval. It was an excellent effort for those involved and with a large amount of sand still to come in hopefully the task is made easier for the next busy bee with additional trucks being available.

 NBN Coming to Williams (24/3/14)

 More than 1,300 homes and businesses set for NBN in regional and rural Western Australia

The National Broadband Network (NBN) gained further momentum in Western Australia today with physical construction commencing on five new fixed wireless installations to deliver fast broadband to rural and regional communities. 

Following a thorough planning and consultation phase, these fixed wireless installations will service more than 1,300 farms, homes and businesses across the following regions and communities:

Peel· Coolup

South West· Argyle· Manjimup (surrounds)

Wheatbelt· Moora (surrounds)· Williams (surrounds)

On average, it takes around 12 months from the start of construction until residents and business owners can order NBN retail services from telephone or internet service providers. More information will be provided to residents about how to connect as construction nears completion in each area.


Road Works Update (10/3/14)

The Shire Works Crew are currently installing a new culvert on Hardie Rd (off Clayton) to replace the bridge that was previously in place. The works are being paid for by Main Roads and the WA Grants Commission and are to a value of $40,000.

 Work is also continuing on the York-Williams Rd to widen the seal 7km to a 7m seal.

 The majority of the storm damage works have been completed by BIM’S Earthmoving with only the Fourteen Mile Brook Rd to be completed. The below roads have also been completed under the WANDRRA funding:





 Sport and Recreation Facility Upgrade (10/3/14)

The Shire is progressing well with the Sport and Recreation Facility Upgrade Project. To date we have completed the following:

 Tennis Courts

  • 6 new light towers which light courts 3,4,5 & 6.
  • Resurfaced courts 1,2 & 3 with 30mm of asphalt and applied 3 coats of acrylic paint
  • Minor upgrade to kitchen facilities

 Ram Shed

  • Upgraded power board
  • Resurfaced shed floor with 30mm-50mm of red oxide asphalt
  • Multi-marked the shed floor with netball and basketball lines
  • Installed netball and basketball rings

Pavilion Kitchen

  • New tiles to foyer and bar floor
  • Kitchen floor and wall tiles completed
  • Stainless steel bench fabricated and to be installed
  • Cool room modified and to be put in place
  • Northern cavity wall removed giving an extra 800mm of space
  • Kitchen appliances ordered and will be delivered very soon

 Hockey Field

  • Old netball courts removed
  • New Bowling Club entry installed with the intersection still to be bituminised
  • Siteworks complete with ground shaped to a 1% fall
  • Ag drainage installed
  • Sand to be delivered via Hockey Club busy bee on the 15th March
  • Reticulation design complete


Prohibited Burning Period—Extension (24/2/14)

The Shire of Williams wishes to advised that the Prohibited Burning Period has been extended to the 28th February 2014.


 Quindanning Hall Upgrade (24/2/14)

The Shire of Williams have committed $3,000 to the Quindanning Hall Committee to assist with the upgrade on the exterior of the Hall. The Committee have also ascertained funding from BHP Billiton for the project.


 Industrial Unit Tender Awarded (24/2/14)

The Shire has awarded a tender to P & F Kulker Building Contractors (in conjunction with Price’s Erections) to construct an industrial shed in the new Light Industrial Area. The 432m2 shed will have office and kitchen facilities as well as a mezzanine storage area.


 New Cemetery Entrance Sign (24/2/14)

The Williams Historical Society vested $661 to the Shire on closure of its accounts, with the funds to be used for signage at Marling Cemetery. New signage at the Williams Cemetery was also done and part of a general upgrade program which will be implemented over the coming years.

The total cost of the two signs, including installation was $4411.


 Prohibited Burning Period—Extension (10/2/14)

The Shire of Williams wishes to advised that the Prohibited Burning period has been extended to the 28th February 2014.


 Introduction to Fire fighting and Bush Fire Training (10/2/14)

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services are running an Introduction to Fire Fighting and Bush fire training course on the 4th, 5th & 6th of April 2014. If you are interested please contact Area Officer Simon Vogel on 9881 3892.  Registrations are due 4th March 2014.


 Aged Units Construction (10/2/14)

Our Aged Units are progressing well with the brick work complete on 3 of the 4 units. We are also pleased to advise the Shire has secured additional funding to construct a 5th unit which will be commencing as soon as contract documentation has been signed.


Shire Road Construction Program (10/2/14)

The Road construction program is now again in full swing. The Crew are currently doing a private works job for the Shire of Boddington to seal the Quindanning Darkan Rd and 1km of the Harvey Quindanning Rd. The next job will then be to prepare the hockey oval base in readiness for the Hockey Club to bring in sand. Main Roads have also contracted the Shire to replace a bridge with a box culvert on Hardie Rd at the same time it is planned widen and seal a 7km section of the York Williams Rd. The final job for the financial year will be to gravel sheet the Culbin Boraning Rd using Roads to Recovery Funding provided by the Federal Government. In all, Tony and Work Crew are going to be extremely busy and will be trying their best to complete all the scheduled works.


 Recreation Facilities Upgrade (10/2/14)

All the components of the Recreation Upgrade project are starting to come together. The Ram Shed and Tennis Courts have a new asphalt surface, the lights have been installed on the Tennis Courts, the Pavilion Kitchen has been gutted and partly tiled with the stainless steel benches for the kitchen  currently being fabricated. The hockey oval earthworks are well underway. We appreciate the community groups and sporting club’s patience whilst these works are being undertaken.


 New Hockey Oval Site Works Commencing (18/11/13)
The initial stages of the new hockey oval have commenced. The Hockey Club have begun taking down some of the Netball/Basketball infrastructure to make way for the new field. The Shire recently removed some trees from the area and the site will be levelled prior to Christmas. In February the Hockey Club will be holding a large busy bee to cart in approximately 3,000m3 of sand.


 Williams Bridge Replacement Project (18/11/13)
The Shire recently met with Main Roads regarding the Williams River Bridge replacement. The project first raised in 2008 proposed a re-alignment of the Albany Highway through town to which Main Roads have now advised that this will not be proceeding and that a new Bridge will be built in the existing location. The new bridge and a reconstruction of the Highway through Williams should commence in 2015/16.

 The Shire will consider the Main Roads proposal at the November Council and decide whether or not to fully support the construction of the Bridge in its current location.