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ANZAC Day Ceremony

The Shire of Williams' ANZAC Day Ceremony will be held in the RSL Courtyard on Tuesday 25th of April 2017.

The ceremony is scheduled to start at 8am in the courtyard of the Williams RSL Hall, at the memorial and will be followed by morning tea in the RSL Hall.

All are welcome to attend and join us in honouring our servicemen and women.

Williams Bridge to Bridge Project

The existing timber Bridge 25 over the Williams River is to be replaced with a new, 6 span concrete plank bridge in the same location. 

To maintain a flow of traffic during construction of the new bridge, a temporary detour is required. Main Roads WA has investigated options and present to the Shire and the community three options: 

Option 1: Temporary side track on RHS (western side) of existing bridge; OR 

Option 2: Temporary detour through Williams local roads, including the floodway on Brooking Street over the Williams River (which will be upgraded as part of this option). 

Two sub-options have been identified:

2A        Brooking Street; OR

2B        New Street / Cornwall Terrace / Brooking Street 

The Shire office has a survey that they are inviting the community to have their say on the proposed location of the temporary detour. Either call in at the Shire or ring and leave your feedback on your preferred option. 

Main Roads has requested the Shire and the Community provide feedback on these options by WEDNESDAY 19th APRIL 2017

For more information or to discuss this project, please contact the Shire Office or one of the Community Reference Group members (John Cowcher, Ryan Duff, Jarrad Logie, Tracey Price, Jim Epiro or Andrew Higham)

Bridge options

Advantages and Disadvantages of Options as presented by Main Roads WA:

Table of pros and cons

Jam Tree Lane Units Officially Opened

The Shire of Williams was proud to host an official opening on Friday 24th February of the 7 independent living aged units and public open space. Around 30 invited guests and community members attended the function held in the public open space. Local MP ‘Tuck’ Waldron had the official duties, together with the Shire President, John Cowcher. The Shire secured a total of $2.1m of Royalties for Regions funding to deliver this project for the community of Williams, especially focused on retaining the older members of our community for as long as possible, in purpose built, dedicated homes. 

 Opening of Jam Tree Lane UnitsWilliams CEO Geoff McKeown, EDO Heidi Cowcher, former CEO Ryan Duff and Shire President John Cowcher

Caltex Service Station Redevelopment for Public Comment - Lots 16, 17 and 300 (No 56) Albany Highway, Williams

Revised plans have been lodged for redevelopment of the existing Caltex service station site. The applicant has opted to have the application determined by a Development Assessment Panel (DAP).  

Plans and reports lodged as part of the application are available for viewing at the Shire of Williams office, 9 Brooking Street, Williams or Click Here.

To view the minutes of the February DAP meeting please click here.

Written submissions should be lodged to the Shire of Williams, PO Box 96, Williams WA 6391 by the 5 January 2017. 

Aged Housing Project

The Shire of Williams was featured in a short promotional video for the Department of Regional Development on the funding that was secured from the Royalties for Regions Growing our South funding. The project is the independent living housing project that has seen the construction of 7 units in Williams (50 across the project area of 7 local governments - all managed by the Shire of Williams and totaling over $18m investment over the last 7 years). Special thanks to the Williams local residents who agreed to be filmed as part of it.


New Emergency WA Website - Are you Bushfire Ready?

The website launched on 23 October 2016 is a one-stop-shop for emergency information providing:

  • critical community warnings about a range of emergencies, including real-time data – as soon as a triple zero call comes in
  • easy access to combined content from Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), Department of Parks and Wildlife, the Bureau of Meteorology and Geoscience Australia
  • vital planning, preparation and recovery information.

The Department of Local Government and Communities is encouraging all residents to visit the website; please click here.

Prohibited Burning Period

Please note that the prohibited burning period has commenced 1st November 2016.

Time to Take Action - clean up & be prepared for the fire season

Fire Season Newsletter 2016/17.

Click here for a Fire Ready reference sheet.

All owners or occupiers of land within the Shire of Williams shall have firebreaks from the 5th November to the 12th April period of the dimensions prescribed in the Shire of Williams local law. 

Rural land

(1) During the conduct of any harvesting/straw baling operations, stone raking and slashing activities, an operational independent fire fighting unit containing not less than 750 litres of water with a motorised pump and at least 15 metres of 19 millimetres diameter hose is to be provided in the same paddock or within 50 metres of that paddock.

(2) All flammable material is to be removed from around buildings and stacks in hay and straw processing plants to a width of 20 metres. 

Townsite land

(1) Where the area of land is 2,024 square metres (or half an acre) or less, all flammable material is to be removed except living standing trees.

(2) Where the area of land exceeds 2,024 square metres (or half an acre), all flammable material likely to be conductive to an outbreak, spread or extension of fire is to be removed, and the grass is to be maintained to a height no greater than 10 centimetres.

(3) All flammable material is to be removed from around buildings, fuel dumps and liquid fuel containers to a width of 20 metres.

(4) All habitable buildings are to include a building protection zone of 20 metres in width. 

Giant Numbat Project

To find out more about this exciting project and how you can be involved in creating a giant numbat play sculpture for Williams, click here. 


NBN Address Check

To find out whether you've got access to the NBN, click on the link below:


  Industrial Land

For details on industrial zoned blocks available in Williams, please visit http://www.landcorp.com.au/Industrial-and-Commercial/Williams-Industrial/