Williams has two cemeteries, at Williams and Marling. The current Williams Cemetery is located some 2kms south east of the town and was commissioned in 1914.

The Marling Cemetery, formerly a private cemetery provided by the Cowcher family, is located 20kms west of Williams on the Pinjarra-Williams Road.

Cemetery records for both current cemeteries and the Williams Pioneer Cemetery can be viewed at the Council Office.

The fees and charges associated with the Williams and Marling Cemeteries are included in our Schedule of Fees and Charges, available via the quick-link to the left of this page.

Niche Wall

For further information regarding placement of ashes in the Niche Wall please contact the Council Office. Plaques are to be privately arranged prior to placement of ashes in the wall.

Monumental Works

To apply for approval to erect a monument, please download an application form here, then return it to us with the current fee.   (See Contact Us for form return options).

Application for Funeral

Click here to download an Application for Funeral form.