Swimming Pool

The Williams Swimming Pool is now closed for the season. 

The Williams Pool is open six days a week, from Wednesday to Monday, 12 noon to 7pm (closed Tuesdays).

The season generally goes from November to March, depending on weather conditions.

Situated behind the oval on Pinjarra-Williams Road it features modern facilities, a 25m pool as well as a paddle pool and plenty of lawn areas. The paddle pool and lawn are well covered with shade sails, there are pool toys for swimmers of all ages and you can even buy real bean coffee or hot chocolate.
The addition of heat pumps in August 2017 keeps the water at a more comfortable temperature even in the cooler months and early mornings.

Patrons can enter by paying daily admission charges or obtaining a seasonal pass at the Shire Office.

Early morning swimming dates have not been set yet for 2022/23.


Lane Hire to conduct private swimming lessons is charged at $15.00 for a 2hr period.

After this initial period, we will review the early morning swimming prior to returning in January. Early morning swimming is outside of the contract with Contract Aquatic, who manage the Shire pool on behalf of the Shire.

This means that the early morning swimming is additional to our contract and we pay separately for this opportunity for our keen morning swimmers.

The Shire is charged $66 per hour for the pool to be open outside the contracted hours. With this in mind, we are asking our early morning swimmers to try and regularly swim, as the more swimmers we have at the pool, the better it will be.