Bush Fire Information

Bush Fire Brigade Contacts

CEO/Chief Bush Fire Control Officer Matthew Carne 9885 1023 0439 851 053
Fire Control Officer -  BORANING Rodney Petchell 9885 7010 0427 192 845
Fire Control Officer - CONGELIN Phil Martin 9885 1043 0488 653 523
Fire Control Officer - GLENFIELD Nick Panizza 0437 517 400
Fire Control Officer - NARRAKINE Ash Chadwick 9885 6161 0427 443 335
Fire Control Officer - TARWONGA Justin Duff   0428 851 409
Fire Control Officer - WEST CULBIN Wayne Duffield 9736 1132 0427 361 132
Williams VFRS Lester Fawcett   0418 851 327
Bush Fire Radio Base Natalie Major (Echo Uncle Base) 9885 1021 0429 851 021


To view the Bush Fire Contact list 2023/24 please click here

Volunteer Bushfire Brigade Members

Please click on the brigade links below to check the registered members. These are registered members as at 01.02.2023







If your name is not listed, please complete the form below and return to the Shire Offices.

Emergency Services Membership Form.

Fire Control Order

To view the Shire of Williams current fire control order click here

Restricted and Prohibited Burning Times

Following are the regular Restricted and Prohibited Burning Times for the Shire of Williams (subject to possible variation depending on each bushfire season):

(Restricted: September 23rd to March 29th)

Prohibited: November 1st to February 14th 

Festive season automatic harvest bans 25th & 26th of December and 1st of January each year.

For more information on 'Bushfire & Smoke Alerts' please consult the

Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Prescribed Burns.

Harvest Ban / Vehicle Movement Ban SMS Service

If you'd like to get an SMS each time a ban is imposed in the Shire of Williams, contact us to be put on the list.You will also be notified of any variation to the restricted/prohibited burning periods.To be able to implement this, we must have the following details from you:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Mobile phone number
  4. The farm or company name you work for (if applicable)

You need to do this only once and will remain on the list until we receive your request to be removed.
To request removal from our SMS list, simply 'Reply' to one of the SMSs with the word 'Unsubscribe'.

Unless unsubscribing, please do not reply to a harvest ban SMS with a message of your own, as these are being monitored.

There is also a Harvest Ban Hotline on 9885 1588, where a recorded message will inform you of the current status relating to Harvest/Vehicle Movement Bans.

Fire Response Vehicle Identifier

If you will be operating private equipment at fires you are required to apply for a Fire Response Vehicle Identifier sticker. Application forms are available at the Shire Office or by clicking here . This application does not incur any fees.

For further information you can download the guidelines directly from DFES:  


Bush Fires Act 1954 Local Laws Relating to Bush Fire Brigades

For a copy of the Shire of Williams Local Laws Relating to Bush Fire Brigades, please click here.

Are you Bushfire Ready?                        

Everyone is encouraged to visit http://www.areyouready.wa.gov.au/ and share the information with neighbours and family to make sure everyone in the community is well prepared for the coming bushfire season.

Developed with tips and advice for communities across the state, this site includes a guide on the steps everyone can take to make sure people and homes are the safest they can be in the event of a fire. 

There are also fact sheets and checklists for easy reference. The website is easy to navigate with a user-friendly, clear layout so do yourself a favour and check it out today!

Click here for a Get Ready reference sheet.

Click here for the 2023/2024 Bushfire Newsletter