Pet Registration

Dog owners are required to register their pets at the age of 3 months, cat owners when the cat reaches 6 months. The registration period runs from the 1st November to 31st October in the following year. Registration can be paid at the Council Office, proof may be required for some concessions.

DogClick here to download our dog registration form. 

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Registration Fees

Annual Registration - Unsterilised dog $50.00
Annual Registration - Sterilised dog or cat $20.00
Guide Dogs nil
Dogs used for droving or tending stock 25% of fee otherwise payable
Dog or cat owned by pensioners 50% of fee otherwise payable
Annual Registration after 31 May in any year 50% of fee for registration in that year otherwise payable
Three year registration - Unsterilised dog $120.00
Three year registration - Sterilised dog or cat $42.50
Lifetime registration - Unsterilised dog $250.00
Lifetime registration - Sterilised dog or cat $100.00

The penalties for unregistered and in particular, dangerous or nuisance dogs are high. Some examples are listed below. Further details can be found in the Dog Act 1976 available for inspection at the Council Office.


 General PenaltyDangerous Dog
Unregistered Dog $200 $400
Dog causing nuisance $100 $200
Dog in public place without collar or registration tag $200 $200
Dog in place without consent $200 $400
Seizure and impounding of a dog or cat $42 N/A
Maintenance of a dog or cat in a pound $14.50 per day or part thereof N/A